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Mostly Sugar

is a diverse online lifestyle publication and community for stylish, productive, and free-spirited millennial women.


To create compelling content around culture, fashion, beauty, and success stories that intrigue, inspire, and spread happy vibes to millennial women. 

We understand the life of a young millennial woman involves creative expression, motherhood, hustle and dreams, pop culture, fashion, story-telling, great food, love and freedom. Our end goal is to cover all grounds and serve as that relate-able online community for the millennial women all over the world.

Our Values

Happiness. Physical & Mental Health. Love. Equality. Diversity. Passion. Creativeness. Empowerment.


Erica Shambley


Why Mostly Sugar? The most common question asked since launching this brand. The answer - simple. As a free-spirited millennial woman, I refuse to focus on the bitter side of life. Life is too precious and sweet. So let’s focus on the sweetness and save the lemons for our Tequila. Life is Mostly Sugar.
— Erica S.
Erica Shambley — Photo by: SBM Portraits

Erica Shambley — Photo by: SBM Portraits

As a digital marketing expert, PR specialist, branding consultant, blogger, entrepreneur, wife, and mother of two, Erica Shambley can truly define herself as a hard-working and busy millennial. Erica was born and raised in Richmond, VA where she attended Meadowbrook High School from 2004-2008. Erica went on to attend Virginia State University from 2008-2012, where she majored in Mass Communications and developed a profound passion for public relations, marketing, and the digital world. With her knowledge and expertise in the communications and marketing field, she began freelancing part-time for small brands and entrepreneurs.

In addition to taking on the role as founder and editor-in-chief of Mostly Sugar, Erica is also a full-time Digital Marketing Manager for the Department of Agriculture and Virginia Cooperative Extension at Virginia State University, where she is also studying for a MA in Media Management.



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