15 Things Every Woman Should Have In Her Purse



My purse and I are inseparable when I am out and about. It houses all of my personal and small must-have essentials. Believe me, I know exactly how frustrating it is to be somewhere and that one small thing that you need is nowhere to be found. A woman's purse should be like her first aid kit... well, except less on the medical side. Now, I'm not saying hoard your purse with a bunch of crap that you think you may need such as a flat iron and a bottle of vodka. But hey, if that is what floats your boat then help yourself. Whatever you decide to put in your purse, make sure you're prepared with these 15 essentials.

Hand Sanitizer

Let's face it. This is a dirty world mama so always make sure you keep your hands clean. Sanitizer should always be stocked in your purse.


Whether you forgot to moisturize in the morning or you're frequently washing your hands, you want to be sure you always have a travel size moisturizer/lotion available. No one has time for ashy knuckles.

Handy Hair Accessories

This includes elastics, hair pins, and clips. You have to always be prepared for those fly away hairs and you never know when you might have to pull your hair up into a pony. Preparation is key!

Feminine Products

Mother nature came a little early this month? You may even have a friend in dire need of a tampon. Be prepared.

Cash: At least $20

Just in case you need to catch a cab or the electronic machines went down. You don't want too much cash but at least $20 should be fine.

Compact with Mirror

When you go out, you may not have access to a restroom but you have to make sure your face is still on point. A compact with a mirror is perfect for that. You can check yourself out as well as powder your nose if needed.


After a meal or coffee, you want to make sure your breath is minty fresh. This is also handy for the person who likes to talk directly in your face with that hot horrific breath.

Phone Charger

In 2015, we are so dependent on our phones that we tend to have a mini panic attack when it goes dead and we are not home. To avoid the heartbreak, make sure you have a travel phone charger in your purse in case you run low on juice.


Just because crusty lips and faded lipstick is terrible. I keep at least three in my purse at all times.

Travel Size Perfume

Sometimes we need a little refresher mid day or before you go to dinner straight from the office. The travel size is perfect and a nice roll on works well too.

Pen & Pad

I always keep a cute little notepad and a pen in my purse because I always run into situations where I need to write something down. Plus, I am a writer so I often daze off and just start writing.

Oil Blotting Sheets

Am I the only one who went to take a selfie and your forehead looked like it was ready to fry food?! It is so helpful to have a small pack of oil blotting sheets to take with you on the go to prevent you from looking greasy.

Travel Pack of Tissues

This is for your nose, to blot lipstick, to wipe random spills, and in case you drink to much and have to go potty outside because you cannot find the restroom (no judgment). As I once said, preparation is key.

Nail File

Chipped nails drive me insane and not having a nail file to fix it is completely frustrating. Every woman should have a nail file on hand.


Floss is great to have on the go. After lunch with friends or a dinner date, you may want to go to the restroom for a quick floss. Don't be the girl with the big smile and steak poking from the spaces between your teeth.

This list can go on and on with purse essentials! A woman must be ready and equipped. What's top on your list?