6 Ugly Truths About Starting A Blog



Splashing into the huge pool of blogging is a very exciting and liberating feeling. It is almost like turning 18 years old--- you feel free and the world is yours. It is easy to compare yourself to big name bloggers and imagine yourself with that success. They make it look so effortless. Well, I hate to be the rain on your parade but it is not always as smooth as it looks.

Starting a successful blog is rewarding, but it consists of a lot of hard work. Trust and believe your favorite bloggers put a lot of sweat, time, and resources in on the back end to get to where they are now. As I researched the blogging industry and pulled up numerous, "How to Start A Successful Blog Like ____" articles, I noticed most of them only talked about the good things. They laid it out with sugar and sprinkles and made me believe that if I follow each step, I will be a blogging superstar overnight. Now don't get me wrong--- the material was extremely useful. It just failed to warn me about the ugly truths that I will face on my road to success.

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Reader Engagement Is Not Instant

Amazing content. Beautiful photos. Awesome web design. Social network accounts. No reader engagement?

Starting off in the blogging industry, thousands of readers will not just appear out of nowhere--- unless of course you are a celebrity or already have a huge following. Reader engagement and feedback from readers takes time. Sometimes it can be a bit frustrating when you have a lot of great content published on your blog but there is no one to look at. Do not let this stop you from writing. Trust me they will come eventually.

Blogging Is Far From Light Work

If you are blogging for more than just a hobby, expect it to be as strenuous as a full time job in the beginning. Blogging is more than writing amazing stuff and clicking the publish button. To be successful in this industry, you have to master the blueprint. You will spend hours upon hours learning how to optimize SEO, analyzing stats, setting up schedules, creating mailing lists, designing, researching, marketing, creating content, and much more. Blogging requires a lot of commitment. It will definitely be worth it in the long run but be aware that you have to put in time.

There Is A Slim Chance That You Will Be An Overnight Superstar

A bloggers dream is to go viral and have the world know who they are and all about their work. Before that can happen you need a following. One of the main keys of having a successful blog is tapping into social media. The articles always tell you to set up an account of at least 2-3 platforms but they fail to tell you about the "social media game" that you have to play. Gaining a strong following on social media is more than just making a post and expecting hundreds and thousands of people to like and share it. You have to always be interactive. In the beginning, you will spend a couple of hours a day creating likable posts, liking other posts, following, sharing, using hashtags, and commenting on different posts on numerous platforms. To the world, you are just another blog so you have to take the time to give them a reason to follow you and want to click on your blog page. It is very time consuming and it can be frustrating between not gaining a lot of followers instantly or losing followers often. Just keep going.

Expect to Invest Some Money

Running a successful blog is not 100% free. Be prepared to invest some money. Hosting, domains, mail lists, e-courses, valuable resources, top notch web designs, and equipment all cost money. The good part is that it is all worth it if you plan on sticking to it. If you plan to monetize your blog, just understand that it takes money to make money.

Sponsors and Ads Do Not Fall Out of The Sky 

 If you started a blog to make a lot of money, I hope you did not quit your day job just yet. It takes time and effort before sponsors and companies regarding ads will come knocking at your email door. You have to prove that you are an influenster in this industry and that you have a pretty decent following. Will you invest your money in someone you never heard of with little to no followers? No. It takes time to gain that trust. If you're only in it for the money--- be prepared to be disappointed.

Everyone Will Not Be A Fan

Even if you start a blog without a clear step-by-step plan you have an idea of why you are doing it and where you want to end up. Be prepared for the many people who do not see that. Be prepared for the many who also do not like what you have to say at all. This industry is not for people with thin skin. You could spend hours on content that you think is amazing but people may not feel the same. You could create an awesome pitch to a company for sponsorship or the opportunity to guest blog and they will turn you down. Don't be afraid of no. When you put yourself out there for the world to see there is always a chance that everyone will not be a fan. Take it as motivation to keep going. I have found that a lot of successful bloggers tend to leave this part out when they give advice.

Starting A Blog

I did not create this post to discourage you from creating the blog of your dreams. I just want you to be aware that blogging is not always sparkly and sweet. A lot of people prefer to only shine light on the pros but neglect the cons. I want you to be prepared and ready to conquer the good and the bad because it is all worth it in the end. The most rewarding journeys are those with a few twists and turns.

What are some of your ugly truths about blogging? Comment below.

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