A Home I Once Lived In--- By Leah Ciara

This story is to a home I once lived in....

Beautiful brick home. The outside was flawless--- the inside unimaginable. The amenities included spacious rooms, high voltage ceilings, huge kitchen, Jacuzzi bath tubs, big back yard, a hammock in the back, and a breathe taking flower garden--- all started by a mustard seed. This home was any woman's dream home, for sure. This home was mine, and I couldn't believe it!

Every morning I would thank God for this blessing he bestowed upon me. Some days I would wake up and just walk around admiring the beauty of my home. I knew for sure I would live in that home forever, Lord willing, and raise some children in that home. Oh how I bragged about my home to my friends! I told them that nothing would cause me to give up my home.

As years went on, life as I knew changed. There were obstacles thrown in the way--- I lost my job. I had some money saved for an emergency, but just enough to hold me for a few months. The upkeep on my home was going downhill. I was struggling bad. Everyone who I once bragged about my home to told me I may have to sell it. I cried and cried for many nights alone. I cried to God, "I don't understand! Why me?!"

"I did everything right," I cried.


My home was all I knew--- all I ever wanted. I could not let my home go that easy. I started selling my belongings in my home. I figured I'll sacrifice whatever I have to just to stay as long as I can. I went from sleeping on a king sized bed to sleeping on the floor. It was okay with me because I still had my home. On the outside, no one could see the struggles and pain I was dealing with because the outside of my home was still beautiful. It was absolutely beautiful, but I was in a rut.

I had no one to call on. I started loosing it. I started talking to the walls in my home, waiting for answers but no response. I started beating at the walls and punching holes in the walls and destroying everything inside. I was hurt. I was devastated. Everything I ever wanted was quickly drifting away from me and there was nothing I could do. I needed a master plan....quick! The sign had been placed in front of my home.


Foreclosure--- my life was officially over.

"I can't believe I am losing everything." When I saw that sign I lost it!!!!!!!!! But I had a plan. I ran to the store and purchased some lighter fluid and matches. I knew this would fix everything. If I can't live in my dream home nobody can. I watched the house go in flames as I cried with regret. I couldn't watch any more of the destruction I was causing. I called the fire dept. I prayed that they save my house from burning to the ground. I loved my home. I needed my home back.

Why would I do such a thing? Did this make me a terrible person? I apologized to my beautiful home that once was mine and drove off in tears. As I was driving off, I caught a glimpse of the backyard--- the flower garden was still looking good. I smiled! I jumped out the car, ran to the garden, and picked some flowers to take with me on my new journey. These flowers represent my home I once knew. I knew my home would be just fine because of that garden.

That home is being repaired today and everyday that home gains more value. That home was beautiful, but due to the damage it will never be the same. But it will be restored and the garden will still bloom because of the little mustard seed.



Leah Ciara is twenty-something writer, mother, poet, movie critic, and entrepreneur from Virginia. She believes in letting your heart guide you through the unpredictable pathways of life because that is how the best stories are written. Leah enjoys watching tear-jerking romantic comedies, eating a burrito bowl from Chipotle, sipping a glass of wine, and letting her mind run free. Check her out on Instagram: @LeahCiara