Be True to You


PicsArt_1423924615277 In the times that we are living in, it is so easy to fall into the waves of trends and what seems to be popular. Nothing at all is wrong with that! Every trend is based off of inspiration of some sort from some where and someone. Social media has multiplied the rate that these trends dash across the world and inspire a majority crowd to follow. It ranges from beauty, fashion, music, hair, attitude, and music to name a few. My only worries are for those who get so caught up in attempting to keep up with everything around them instead of themselves. One day they know who they are and the next they are a puppet whom strings are controlled by society.

Don't get so caught up you lose yourself. Your uniqueness is what may inspire others to follow. Evolve with the masses, but protect your integrity. Take in what you love and make it your own instead of trying to become something that you are not. ♡♡♡