A Declaration To Self--- By Leah Ciara.



Today I woke up thinking, I want to be the best me I can possible be in every aspect of my life. I made a declaration to myself that I will not let any specific situation define me as long as I'm a human. Too many times have I let dilemmas or triumphs be excuses to get in the way of who I can ultimately exist as. The core of me has not been reached yet as this lively world chews away at me. So many times the fantasy we imagine become completely unrealistic.


I'm sure you've heard it plenty of times---" Your living in a fantasy." Really I am. The situation wasn't that far fetched for you to consider it a fantasy world. Why can't my fantasy be lived out if I spent most of my life fantasizing about it? Maybe I'm lacking the key component to live it. Belief and the right circle of people. You believe that when something bad happens that you will be okay, right? Who convinced you to believe that was true? Was it the "oh-so-predictable" pep talks from friends and family, or was it your faith system?

Well today I chose to be richer in belief, so goodbye to just surviving beliefs. I believe my fantasy can be reality. I want to be my own movie. I want viewers to say I want to live my fantasy, too. I woke up today from a dream that made me look in the mirror and stare myself down and say, "Is this it? Is this what I wake up everyday for?" You ever craved for more then you could take on? Well who told you it would be impossible? Take it on. That craving you feel is something that needs to be handled in the appropriate manner. Feed it!  Devour the goodness of your fantasy. Create your own declaration.


Leah Ciara is twenty-something writer, mother, poet, movie critic, and entrepreneur from Virginia. She believes in letting your heart guide you through the unpredictable pathways of life because that is how the best stories are written. Leah enjoys watching tear-jerking romantic comedies, eating a burrito bowl from Chipotle, sipping a glass of wine, and letting her mind run free. Check her out on Instagram: @LeahCiara