DIY: Clutch Bag in 15 Minutes!


Hi my loves! Did you miss us? We hope so because we missed you! I wanted to start the week off with the really fun and really simple D.I.Y. I tried this weekend. I wanted a new clutch but honestly, I did not want to pay for it. Well, coincidentally, I went to Joann's for some fabric and I found a half of yard of vinyl fabric that was marked down to $2. Of course I had to buy it. It was perfect for a little clutch to keep my phone and money in when I go out.

This was my very first handmade clutch so excuse my errors, but I wanted to share this project with you. It takes no time at all and it gives you the freedom to create any kind of clutch that you want at a fraction of the price.

You will need:

-Vinyl fabric or leather ( a half of a yard is more than enough)

-Fabric the same length for the interior (optional)

-Velcro, snap, or button

-Sewing Machine or needle and thread

-Scissors or rotary cutter


-Embellishments and/or paint (optional)

clutch instructions

1)  Measure the clutch out to the size that you need and cut. I wanted my clutch to be about 8.5"x 6" so I cut out my vinyl piece 9"x 18" (6 x 3). You want the length to measure three times of the size you want your clutch to be.


2) Measure the middle of one of the shorter ends of your fabric. For mines, the middle was at 4.5". That will be your point. You will then cut two diagonals from the point to the sides forming a triangular point as picture above. I cut 6" down. Then, fold up the bottom 6 inches so that it is against the middle 6 inches with the right sides touching. Do not fold on the triangular flap. Refer to #2 on the chart about and that is how your fabric should look on this step.

3)Pin the two sides that are folded together and sew a 1/4 inch seam up the sides. A sewing machine would be the faster way but you can also use a needle and thread. Sew the seam until you get to the flap. You can also choose to put a hem around the flap for a cleaner finish. Do not forget to back stitch when you start sewing and when you finish for security.

Flip your material right side out. This is when you would add your button, snap, or Velcro for your closure piece. I chose Velcro. This is so you can close your clutch bag.

4)Look at that... we made a clutch! So fast and simple. You can choose to top stitch the sides like I did or just leave it as is. I later decided to add fabric to the inside for a lining. That was so easy. Just measure out a piece of fabric, whatever kind you choose, the same lengths you used for your clutch and sew it inside. Decorate the clutch however you would like. Add embellishments such as gems, studs, and rhinestones or paint it! If you decide to paint it, make sure you secure it with Mod Podge.

PicMonkey Collage

I hope you enjoyed this short "tutorial". In the future, I plan on making a video version so it can be a little more easier to follow along. If you loved it, feel free to share it! I am also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog Lovin', and Pinterest so definitely follow me @mostlysugar

Until next time....