DIY: Faux Nose Ring



Hi beautiful people!!

Lately, I have been a bit obsessed with hoop nose rings. The look is so edgy! I once had my nose pierced but umm, let's just say it was not what I envisioned. It was a huge rhinestone that looked so awkward and from a distance it could pass as a nasty pimple. Also, the day before my college graduation it became infected and swelled. "Oh no, this is not ruining my face," was the clean version of what I was thinking. It had to go!

To make a long story short, I removed the nose ring and let my nose heal. Thank God there was not a scar! Although it did not work out, I still wanted the look without the commitment and risks. I was about 5 seconds from purchasing a faux nose ring that would have cost me $6, and then I discovered I could make one for free. This is probably the easiest DIY ever!



Wired/Paper Clip

Cutting Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Pencil/Pen/Small Make Up Brush to form the shape


Wrap the wire/paper clip around the pen with the round nosed pliers to form a small round shape.


Cut off your circle from the rest of the wire with the cutting pliers. I also cut some of the circle to form the shape above.


Next, squeeze it on your nose until it feels secure.


Tada! You are done mama! That was easy enough, right?

This DIY is perfect if you cannot commit to the real deal, just experimenting, or if your day job just will not allow it. It is also great to try out if you want to add some edge to your look when you go out. The best part is that it is free, extremely easy and pain-free.

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I love you guys!

Until next time....


DIYErica Shambley