Entrepreneur, Stylist, & Musical Artist: Andrea Nicole


AndreaNicole (1)

Where are you from?

Richmond, Virginia

What or who inspired you to start your business?


I've always loved old things and was fascinated by the museum-like nature of my grandmother's

house in Miami, Florida. Her house is full of antiques and collectibles from all over the world.  She's the grandmother with the plastic still in place on her custom made Italian couches.  Going to her house was like stepping into a brand new world, those mental pictures never left me.

Could you tell us more about your business and any other businesses that you may have?

La Dainta Vintage began almost 5 years ago with only jewelry. My grandmother gave over 500 pieces of vintage jewelry to me that she'd collected for over 40 years. The support I received was unreal and eventually evolved into carrying clothes and accessories. I recently ended the Vintage segment and launched "Buttah Babez" about a month ago. Buttah Babez focuses on providing women with quality all natural handmade skin and hair care products infused with essential oils that have healing properties. At the moment we have shea and coconut butters, body scrubs, face masks, and oils. We've received a wonderful response from our initial launch and we're excited to travel this summer and network with this new brand. I am also a stylist for a few photographers in Richmond, VA. I have my hand in image consultation and vendor management, as well as, being a professional singer currently finishing up a solo project. I'm blessed to say I'm gifted in multiple avenues.

La Dainta


What has been your biggest accomplishment on your journey so far?

One of the biggest accomplishments thus far was being called by Jet Magazines own, Lee McDowell, to do a photo shoot. I couldn't believe he wanted me to model for him and it drastically changed the way I view myself. I was also able to work with him styling wise and he loved my work. It felt great to have someone that's accomplished so much to be able to give me feedback.

What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge is the lack of support that living in Richmond, VA comes with. I've overcome this particular obstacle by constantly networking and building among peers at events up and down the coast, as well as, making my presence known on social media.

What does your ideal future hold for you?

I know the future holds a successful business woman along with an amazing career in music--- with the freedom of traveling all over the world. Eventually I'd like to have a loving and supporting husband and family to accompany that.


Imagine that there is at least one person reading this who is trying to be where you are (as far as starting a business and accomplishing goals). What advice would you give them?

I'd tell them to never give up regardless of failure or adversity that will occur in the beginning. It can only get better. Businesses take time to build and grow and involves plenty of effort and passion. Don't pursue anything that you don't love.

How can we continue to follow your journey? (Social media, email, website, etc.?)

Follow my styling and image consulting journey via IG @ladaintavintage.

Follow our natural skin and hair care line via IG @buttahbabez

Shop on etsy with us at https://www.etsy.com/shop/BUTTAHBABEZLLC 

The musical madness begins with @dreasmusick on IG as well.

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