Feature Me Fridays: #YesYouGoGirl


Yes ladies, we are dedicating our Fridays to YOU! Nothing feels better than knowing your hard work is admired and you are supported. We want feature at least one of you ladies each Friday on our blog. We are specifically looking for women all across the world who are making a mark in this world. That includes artists, designers, entrepreneurs, activists, bloggers, vloggers, and women who are making a difference.

If you are interested or know of anyone who may be interested in this opportunity, please email us at MostlySugar.Blog@gmail.com or hash tag #yesyougogirl and #mostlysugar on the page you want featured. We will then contact you, or the person you referred, and send a short questionnaire and request a photo. We are so excited about this and we hope you are too. It is just our way of letting you know that we support what you're doing and we want to see you win. It is important for us, especially women, to stick together and support each other.

We cannot wait!!