Entrepreneur & Super Mom: Aquisha Harris

Where are you from?

Philadelphia, PA but I was born in Washington D.C. by accident :-) really I was.

What inspired you to start your (business/brand/platform/blog/profession/or movement)?

My growth and journey of balancing womanhood and all of its aspects, compelled me to start Mrs. Mommy United. For years, I wasn't emotionally connected to being a wife or a mother because I was so goal oriented. I looked at wife-hood and motherhood as my life's appendix instead of it's adornments. I learned some valuable lessons about being a wife, mother, and businesswoman that I want to share with others. Hopefully women will feel supported, enriched, and encouraged as a result of affiliating with Mrs. Mommy United.



Could you tell us more about your 

(business/brand/platform/blog/profession/or movement)
  and any other 
(business/brand/platform/blog/profession/or movement)
 that you may have?

Mrs. Mommy United is a dynamic organization designed to support, enrich, and encourage the modern day renaissance woman. Often times as women we spend too much time on everyone else, and not enough time restoring ourselves. Our organization also wants to demystify stereotypes about women not being able to uplift and support one another because we can and we are.

What has been your biggest accomplishment on your journey so far?

My biggest accomplishment has been my ability to live in the moment and have faith in my preparation. My husband is proud of me and my kids enjoy me. I am truly in my happy place, and I know it will only get better from here.

What does your ideal future hold for you?

My ideal future consists of my family staying together, our businesses growing and for us to be internationally recognized and respected. I would like to use the talents and access God has blessed me with to advocate and create social changes for the underprivileged and under-served.
Imagine that there is at least one person reading this who is trying to be where you are (as far as starting a business and accomplishing goals). What advice would you give them?

 Create your ideal world and what it would consist of, then work backwards. Identify what resources you need, the people you need to talk to, etc. Then develop a priority management task list with deadlines....and make it happen. Allow yourself fun time and free time to celebrate your progress, but don't lose focus of your goals and purpose. You can do it, unless you don't :-)
How can we continue to follow your journey? (Social media, email, website, etc.?)

You can follow my journey on www.mrsmommyunited.com, mrsmommyunited@gmail.com,
FB:Aquisha Harris
IG: Mrsmommyunited
Twitter: MrsMommyUnited