Featuring: Bonnie Watson (Author & Artist)

10712639_10152988375386096_3034096735138642191_oA published author and artist, Bonnie Watson, is an example that if you put your mind to it, your dreams can come true. She utilizes her creative abilities in more ways than a few and she exemplifies the characteristics of a dream catcher. We had the honor of chatting with this wonderful woman and learned more about her background, journey, and accomplishments. If you are not familiar with this creative genius, allow me to introduce you to Bonnie....
Hi Bonnie, where are you from?
I'm from Richmond, VA, where I attended Virginia Commonwealth University and graduated with a Bachelor's in Fine Art.
What inspired you to start your writing/creating?
Well, there are two areas that I continuously work with: art and writing. I got into writing back in Middle school. I remember writing out some thoughts, but it wasn't until I got my first computer that stories really started to pop out. Then I went into a five-year hiatus. An upgrade in models rekindled an old idea, so I started back into the story and never stopped. For the artistic side, I was into drawing the human figure at the time. When I started improving my art skills, I would balance the writing a bit more. It was like they were working hand in hand. One idea led into another, and eventually I was drawing what I was writing. I now have a series of books I'm happy to present called Wisdom Novels™ and I'm expected to have my first trilogy complete sometime this year 2015.
Could you tell us more about your work and any other published work or creations that you may have?
A lot of what I do is related to my book series. At present I'm working on several character models (Barbie doll size) either by sculpting the face or designing their clothing. Mostly, I find things on Ebay to put together. As long as they fit, I can create a semi-realistic character. Before that, I had worked on digital pieces mixed with some traditional medium (watercolor mostly). I tend to go through phases. I see a style I like, I want to try it. Illustration is still a favorite, though. and is way more cost effective than building models!
I have had a few pieces make it into the ImagineFX Magazine, for fantasy/sci-fi artists. If anything else, there are a ton of book covers I've done for people. My publisher (Agile Writer Press) contracts me to do various cover work when he's ready to publish a new novel. The last one I did, "The Essence of Living", was an exceptional piece because it involved a style of art I rarely exercise. For an artist who aims for more real, sometimes less is better.
What has been your biggest accomplishment on your journey so far?
I guess my biggest accomplishment is being able to do book signings. My first one was at a book fair called "Book 'Em". It was originally intended to promote reading while stopping crime, located at Waynesboro, VA. Eventually, they moved it to Lumberton, NC where it was held at a local college. The last one was at Barnes and Nobles during Christmas holiday 2014.
What has been your biggest challenge so far?
Marketing is a challenge. If no one knows what I do, it's hard to get comments, sales, likes, anything. Social Media helps, but only slightly. When I was asked about doing this questionnaire, I was more than delighted to accept. I think the more ways to share, the better. 
What does your ideal future hold for you?
I've had several comments from fans about how they would love to see my series turn into movies. If that happened, I would be the happiest person alive!  
Imagine that there is at least one person reading this who is trying to be where you are (as far as becoming a writer and accomplishing goals). What advice would you give them?
My advice would be to expect road blocks, but don't give up. It took me a long time to actually get published. Depending on what you write or where you want to be in life, just keep trying and don't pay attention to people who give negative comments. If you truly love something, then do it. Also, while you don't want to listen to negative feedback, please be aware that improvements can always be made. Look for those who give healthy critiques. 
How can we continue to follow your journey? (Social media, email, website, etc.?)
You can find me anywhere by typing in WISDOM NOVELS - or visit my website: www.WisdomNovels.com where I've listed all my social media sites at the top of the page.
Some of Bonnie's Work:
Keeper_of_Secrets King_Red_Shell_Attack Master_of_Water Master_of_Water2 Photography