How to Handle Commuting In A Big City


How to Handle Commuting In A Big City.


You land a job in a big city and you are really excited! You start shopping for business attire and prepare for your new job. You look over the routes of how to get to work because your not familiar of the new area. This is the scary part because you want to make sure you have enough time for traffic, and what-not. You look into driving, which isn't bad, but with morning traffic it will take you 40 minutes instead of 15. You look at Uber and Lyft. You look at the routes on public transportation and you know people who take it and they say it isn't so bad. So you decide to give public transportation a chance.
Public transportation in a busy city is always the best option for me. I don't like to pay an arm and a leg for parking. Anything over $5 is too much for me. Plus, public transportation helps you get to your destination faster. Now public transportation isn't glamorous, but it is very convenient and a lot of professionals use this method of transportation.
I catch the BART (which is basically a subway train) similar to the metro in DC from Oakland to San Francisco everyday which is about 7.50 round trip. That is very inexpensive for me because it eliminates paying for tolls. I'm balling on a budget. I enjoy my 15 minute train ride. However, the con is that it is very crowded in the morning. There is standing room only and most of the seats are always taken up until 1 stop before I exit, so it's no point of me sitting down.

If you are new to taking public transportation, here are some tips!


Arrive early!

I would suggest 10 - 15 minutes before your train is arriving. This will give you time to get on the train or bus and make sure there is enough room for you to board.

Be comfortable in tight spaces!

It is usually really crowded and hot on the Bart during rush hours so I try to stay cool by not wearing my jacket. Also if you deal with anxiety make sure you have something that takes your mind off the large crowd. I like to listen to music it helps me stay calm. Also because your are probably going to standing for a long period of time make sure you don't lock your knees. You don't need to be falling all out!

Be mindful of your surroundings!

I listen to my music kinda loud ( I know it's bad) but i try to turn it down so I can listen to the conductor if he has any announcements. Also be mindful of who is on the vehicle with you in case anything looks suspicious. Safety is important! At night make sure you walk in well lit areas.


Overall public transportation should be fairly easy. Google maps is a big help when your going to a new area as well as asking people around you. I catch the Bart everyday but I'm still fairly new at it so I still ask people if I'm going in the right direction. This can be a nice ice breaker if you meet a cutie! Hope these tips help you out if your new to an area like me or just wanting to save some gas lol!