How To Make Sure Your Linked In Account Thrives



So we all know how important it is to have professional social media accounts to stay connected and network and even possibly help you land a job. How do you truly use a site like Linked In to your advantage? It's great to follow various companies that you are professionally interested in, and even groups that can help you with interview questions and so forth.

Now I know it's best to send a message along with a connection request especially if you don't know the person your trying to connect with, but I didn't know employers are very intuitive to your profile. I have most of my employment history on my profile, but I really focused on my communications jobs because that's the field I apply for job opportunities.
Since relocating back to CA, I have found it much easier for job opportunities here versus in NC. I literately have been going on interviews every week since I've been here a little over a month. I landed my 3rd interview with a non profit organization in Oakland. After prepping and doing well on my phone interviews I landed the 3rd and final in person interview.

Yayy ME!

I was nervous about the interview because it was with 2 people I would potentially be working with in the Oakland office, and a manager skyping in from the San Diego location. So the interview is going well and towards the end the manager who was skyping me asks me about my Linked In profile. Now I was thinking in my head hopefully I didn't have some type of grammatical error but it was about my objection section. He wanted to know why I was interested in the Event Coordinator position when on my Linked In profile it stated that I was interested in a career in Mass Media.


So I answered the question and let him know why I was interested and how this position still offers some areas of media that did interest me.

I.E social media.

This experience helped me realize that if I am going to use Linked In, it has to be in tip top shape. A take away from the interview was that I needed to make my objective more general. I decided to change my objective to Communications instead of a specific field, such as Mass Media. Since a lot of my background is in broadcasting and now my attention has focused to other areas of communications, it is very important to be general to open up the door for other opportunities.

Employers often hesitate on recruiting a potential employee if their objective on Linked In is to find a career in a completely different field. In their eyes, they see that you have the expertise and experience to qualify for their open position but they also see that you are looking for something else. Unless that field is your only option and you are not open to taking any other opportunities, you have to broaden up that range.

Linked In is unlike when you're manually applying for jobs and have the opportunity to change the objective on your resume to fit each job you are applying for. Do not close out any potential opportunities that may end up being the job you always hoped for.

Hopefully with my experience you can check over your Linked In profile and make sure you look at it from the employers perspective. Remember, jobs will google you and look at your profile!

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