Is It Ever Okay To Date Your Friends Ex?



Is It Ever Okay To Date Your Friends Ex?

Last Saturday, I finally decided to watch Orange Is the New Black from beginning to end. I was completely thrown for a loop midway throughout the second season when Piper’s best friend, Polly, began dating Piper’s ex-fiancé, Larry. Although I was totally against Piper cheating with Alex in prison--- did that make it acceptable for her best friend to hook up with her ex-fiancé?

Not hooking up with your friend's ex is like the number one rule in the Girl Code Handbook. It is actually right next to “do not hook up with your friend's crush” and “never blab your friend's business.” It is just too messy and very disloyal. When you consider someone your friend, you are committing to that person with loyalty, trust, and respect. When you decide to get with your friend’s ex, you throw those values completely out of the window. How could you listen to and/or witness your friend’s love stories and then date the person that they shared those emotions and moments with? I mean come on--- that is so low.


So let's say you were "respectful" enough to ask your friend if it was okay to date her ex and she says she doesn't care. 9 times out of 10, she does. Realistically, wouldn't you care? If your so called "friend" wanted to date a guy you used to have feelings for I am sure you will feel betrayed. Time does not change what was once there and a good friend should respect that.

Last but not least, dating a friend's ex will cause trust to be lost, awkardness with mutual friends, and loss of friendships. It is hard to trust a person who snatched up their friend's sloppy seconds. It makes you wonder will it be done to you, also. People will start to watch what they say about their own partners. More than likely there will be more than one friendship lost. You will carry around that nasty aura of a back stabber which ultimately causes awkardness around mutual friends.

This post is completely opinionated, and if you asked me is it ever okay to date your friend's ex I will give you a big fat HELL NO. It's betrayal. Ex partners are off limits at all time. Your loyalty is with your friend, not their ex.