Life: Taking A Stand Against Negative Criticism



There is always a price that has to be paid for fame. Unfortunately, that is negative criticism. Whether you're a super famous singer, or a semi-famous YouTuber, there are always people who are just waiting to bring you down with negative criticism. It is like a sad and bitter gang who sits in front of their computer and/or phone just thinking of the meanest things to say because they are hurt and insecure. No matter how talented, beautiful, or loving you are there is someone with something to say. Well I think it is time to take a stand against negative criticism and shove the hate right back down those haters freaking throats! Okay, scratch that. What I meant to say is in order to take a stand against negative criticism, you have to show the haters that their negative opinions and words do not make or break you.


In recent news, we've seen Amber Rose and her bff, Blac Chyna, making headlines for their hand-painted nude apparel at the VMAs. It is not the apparel itself that is making news, but what is written on them. You can find just about every negative word that is said about them written on their outfits such as "slut," "stripper," "hoe," and "gold digger." Some may not agree with the way they are responding to the negativity. I think it sends a powerful message to stand up against the negativity. They are mocking the haters and making it publicly known that they are not affected. Is the terminology accurate in describing them? Who knows. Either way they are embracing it and fighting back. Amber Rose has also clapped back at her haters by organizing a slutwalk for women who have also been affected by hurtful words.



Photo By: Christopher Polk/Getty Images.

Now, I am surely not saying to get you an outrageous outfit made with every negative slur ever said to you, but I do want you to take a stand against negative criticism. We can start by not contributing to negativity and showing as much love to as many people as we can. Negative words can be very hurtful, but positive words can feel amazing.

I challenge you to leave a positive comment for someone who is being attacked by mean people. I challenge you to be nice to someone being mean to you (they are practically screaming and crying for love). I challenge you to take a stand. Bullying is serious.

Have you ever experienced any negative criticism? What was said and how did it make you feel?

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