Office Design Tips For Better Productivity



Renovating your office looks fairly simple – an office, a few cabinets and perhaps a few office chairs. Well, this is not always the case. Ideally, your office should respect at least three major demands through its interior design. First, the office must inspire utility and professionalism, especially if you welcome your clients in there. Second, you are more productive in a space that inspires creativity and relaxation.

Finally, the office must underline the company's specific culture, as well as the industry you activate in. So, how can you do all these?

Never overlook lighting

Make sure that your space is properly lit at any random time of the day. Natural light is ideal, of course. However, it depends on the office construction and orientation. If you lack natural light, you can compensate with electric lights in a fake ceiling. You can also invest in a lamp or two, not to mention neon lights. Pay special attention to the actual fixtures as well.

Opt for an open space

Creating an open space is one of the most distinctive trends in office design lately. Modular furniture is part of it. If you have more people working around, fake walls are not just inexpensive, but also easy to move. Do not overlook your need of concentration either. Boosting your employees' concentration is easy if you invest in glass walls. You can adopt the same trend at home if you have a large office room. This is an excellent option for a well lit space. On the other hand, if you have a small space, stick to small and medium multifunction furniture. Wireless electronics are also useful to keep the space decluttered.


Quality furniture is a must

You do not necessarily have to invest in the most expensive type of furniture, but do not buy the cheapest one either. Quality furniture brings in two major benefits. First, it creates a positive impression when you meet new clients. Second, it is an investment in your own work, efficiency and productivity. An ergonomic chair guarantees for a proper body posture. Buy a random chair and you will experience lumbar pains within weeks only. You can kiss your productivity goodbye then.

Relaxing area

Unless this office is at home (and you clearly have plenty of relaxation places for your breaks), setting a small area for a lunch break or perhaps a few minutes of relaxation is highly recommended. You basically disconnect for a short time and you grab a meal in optimal conditions. It is easy to realize that you cannot maintain the same focus and productivity throughout the entire day. From this point of view, 10 minutes of disconnection will work wonders.

How about storage?

A decluttered office is rare these days, but not impossible. Just because you have plenty of paperwork to deal with, it does not mean that you should overlook this aspect. Keep in mind that it is directly proportional with your productivity. Pay special attention to the storage. You do not need any major investments, but just a couple of cabinets, some shelves or perhaps a few drawers.