How Beautifully Designed Pillows Can Make Your Home Look Great


Do you know that pillows can instantly give life and character to a dull and boring space? Pillows are comfy and cozy which make it a wonderful home accent. The pillow’s dainty designs and unique patterns can easily transform your home to match the moods of the changing season.  With the role it plays in styling a house, pillows become an important accessory in the home.

Find out how these squishy pieces become an important accessory in the home

  • Natural and Earth-color palette: If the home has a tan color all over it, the space can have that lovely and cozy feel when accentuated with throw pillows with hues of yellow, brown and green.


  • Shades of rainbow: For an all-white space, adding throw pillows of different yet complimenting shades is the best way to breathe life to it. The pillow’s burst of colors further gives beauty when placed in the right places, such as in the bay window’s seat, the couch and the side chair.



  • Fabric, prints, and patterns: The choices of fabric, prints and patterns actually depend on some factors such as the theme of the home, the mood of the room, and the personality of the people residing there. For a classic-looking home, what matches to the style are velvet and silk fabric with a variety of colors, patterns and textures. For the modern and contemporary style, cotton and linen with vivid graphic prints and bold colors in limited palettes are the best way to go. The size of the pillows for modern-style homes must be large enough to showcase its prints, graphics and patterns.

This Sept. 23, 2010 photo provided by Meg Volk shows decorative pillows on display at a Homegoods event showcasing designer Elaine Griffin's ideas on how to create a Mom cave. Griffin says, "A Mom Cave is where the woman who nurtures everyone goes to nurture herself." (AP Photo/Meg Volk) NO SALES


  • Number of pillows: In the traditional way of styling a home, even number of pillows are placed in the sofa. Meanwhile, in the modern-day home, uneven number of pillows is usually used. Also, throw pillows are not exclusive in sofas alone—it can be placed in the side chairs, on top of the ottoman or stool, and the large ones can even be placed on the floor.



  • Pillow size: 18 inches is the usual size of throw pillows that are used in sofas with typical dimensions. For the more casual, lazy, and lounge-y mood, large pillows with sizes 20 inches and up are the perfect match.


  • Pillow filling: For that cuddly and squishy feel, the ones that have the feather-and-down fillers are the pillows to use, however, this type of pillow is the most expensive of all. The type of throw pillow that holds its shape use synthetic materials as fillers.



Now that you have learned how beautifully designed pillows can make your home look great, you can already start making choices about what will suit best in your space. The right color, size, fabric, texture and number can have a great impact in the feel, vibe, and overall appearance of your home. To be able to pull it off, knowing what types of throw pillows blend well, not just among themselves but also with the theme of the home and all its elements, resulting to a home that is more inviting, welcoming, styled and polished.



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