Positivity: #payitforward


Negativity is one of the worst diseases you can catch. It is like a repulsive, contagious beast striving to consume everything in its path. I always try to look at the bright side of life but “let’s be real”, not one person is perfect. We all have our days when we look at the wine glass as half empty, everything sucks, and we want to scream all of our nasty thoughts and crawl under the covers until the next day. Ok, maybe that is just me but you should understand where I am coming from. Sometimes negativity can get the best of us.

In our world today, it is not a rare thing to see negativity being shared way more than positivity. Why is that? Why is it more common to be negative than positive? Why is it easier to complain rather than positively vent and be optimistic? Why is it easier to share a frown than a smile? There are plenty of ways to express your not-so-happy emotions without being negative. There is a positive to every negative, you know.

The power of positivity is mind blowing! It can completely change your outlook on life and others around you. Positivity can be just as contagious as negativity. Does this mean pretend that life is peaches and cream all day, every day? No ma’am, not at all! Whoever said that life was perfect told a “perfect” lie. A cliché quote that is obviously appropriate is “turn you lemons into lemonade.” Seriously, find the sugar to sweeten that bitterness. Need help? That’s why you have us!

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Eliminate negativity… Embrace positivity… Pay it forward...

Smile. Simple enough. Just smile. Smile when no one is around, smile when you’re in a crowd of people, smile in the mirror, smile at everyone who passes you by, smile at your pet or plant, just smile. Smiling alone will send signals to your brain that will make you feel happy and I guarantee at least one face will smile back.

Listen to happy music. When I have those days that I want to destroy things (hey, I am human), I try to listen to music that will make me happy. Music is a definite mood changer. With that being said, be careful of what you listen to when you’re feeling down. It can add fuel to the fire. I do not suggest listening to heartbreak songs when you’re heartbroken. Type in inspiration on Pandora, turn it up, and relax.

Clean up, organize, & make it pretty. Whether it is your home, your office, or your car, your surroundings can affect your mood. Personally, I feel amazing when everything around me is clean and orderly. If everything is a mess, I am a mess. My whole mood will be blah! So definitely try keeping your surrounding together so you can have a clear mind. Add some colorful artwork and plants to your space to really brighten your mood.

Engage in positive activities. Get involved with positive things. Spend more time crafting, writing, or whatever hobby or skill that you have. Also, try joining something that stands for something positive like Big Brother, Big Sister or a motivational group.

Be social with the right people. This is so important. We are influenced by people around us. It doesn't help being around a group of people who are always negative and would rather cry about the storm rather than grab an umbrella and wait for the sun. It is like being in a room full of people with the flu. Eventually, you will catch it. Surround yourself with people who have the same mindset as you or people who have potential to change for the better.

It could be worst. Be optimistic. The situation could always be worst. Even if your house burned down and you're in critical condition, you're alive. If you lost everything, you still have another opportunity to gain it back and more. Smile my love. The worst did not happen and the sun will be out soon enough.

Share your feelings. Never be afraid to vent. Venting is different from complaining.  Usually, when someone complains, nothing positive comes out of their mouth. Venting: I cannot believe the day I had. It was completely frustrating but tomorrow will be better. Complaining: Today was the worst day ever! I hate my life. I hate my co-workers. My job is so boring. Everything sucks.

Before you complain, think about everything negative you want to say and replace it with something positive. Even if it is as small as "I don't get along with my co-workers but at least I do not have to take them home." Try it.

Relax when you can. Free your mind hunnie! Blow stress out like smoke and inhale serenity. Stress can cause a lot of negativity so release it. Pray, meditate, paint, sew, work out, sing, sleep, take a bath, sip wine or whatever it is that you do, do it!

Pay it forward. Last but surely not least, spread love. Positivity is a power and it is a power you should want to share. A few words of encouragement can change someone's life. Most motivational speakers always have a story about how someone motivated them and now they are passing it on to as many people who would listen. That is how it is supposed to work. Never hesitate to be nice to those around you. Compliment if necessary, and always send positive vibes. Let your energy rub off on everyone you meet and they are going to want to do the same. We all want love! Encourage others to be positive and spread love too. #payitforward #nomeangirlsallowed #wedontwanttositwithyouanyway #keepthenegativitytoyourself


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