Stand Tall My Loves!


Prior to writing this post, I was in my office (at my day job) just staring at the wall. In my mind, I was screaming words that would make my grandmother throw a bible at me. Work was driving me up a wall and then I checked the calendar and realized, "aha! One more day until payday Friday!" Now that is something to change someone's mood.

There was something else I needed to brighten my day. I figured since I am a fanatic for quotes and pretty printable's, why not create a very appropriate one for my wall? I wanted something for the times I want to pull my hair out so I can look at it and smile. The result= the above image. Perfect! Now if only wine was allowed at work....

Anyways, I am making it available for you too. Duh, because I love you! So if you can make use of this quote then just print it, frame, and enjoy! It is size 8.5" x 11" which is equivalent to a standard sheet of paper. Also, I don't mind if you want to share this blog link with your girlfriends or on your social network pages. By all means, feel free! :-)

Free Printable

Β & remember, "Stand Tall, Smile Big, & Keep Your Wine Glass Full."