The 6 Types of People You Need In Your Social Circle



Your social circle is considered your most sacred group of friends with whom you share that amazing bond and trust with. They are also your biggest influences. That is why people are so particular with who they decide to let in their circle. Friends are supposed to be able to feed positive energy off of each other and balance each other out. In order to do that, you need some key personalities in your group.


We all need that one person who always have a few words of encouragement. The Encourager is the friend who is there on your bad days to lift you up and remind you that everything is going to be okay. They encourage you to do well in life be all you can be. When you hang out with them, you feel inspired to be great.


The Creator is a key friend to have because you will always have someone there to help you out with projects, ideas, events, and etc. When you need enlightenment on thinking outside of the box, they are perfect. The Creator will always give you creative ideas on how to save money and do pretty much anything. If they like you enough, you will have free access to utilizing their creativity for free. This comes in handy when your child is having a party or you're redecorating the house because they can pitch right in and help. The Creator adds color and pizzazz to your life.


The Brain is essential and especially if that is not you. The Brain will keep you informed, constantly educate you, and allow you to, well of course, pick their brain. The smart friend can be helpful with your business aspects and keep you on your toes. The Brain will satisfy your mental cravings.


The Realist is going to keep it real all of the time and is not afraid to tell you about yourself. Sometimes we may get caught up in unrealistic thoughts and need The Realist to bring us back down to reality. They do it because they love you. They will give you a cut and dry reality check when you need it or when you just want to keep it real. You do not have to worry about them being a "yes man." If the dress is ugly, they will not let you leave in it.


Can anyone say vent?! The Listener is the perfect friend to call or grab lunch with when you just want to vent. They won't interrupt and they actively listen and care about what you are saying. Sometimes we don't want a lot of feedback. We just want an ear and The Listener is perfect for it. They also keep your secrets. A great key to the circle.


Laughter makes the heart happy! The Comedian will do just that. They will make sure not one event is dull and even on your worst day they can make you laugh. A comedian in the circle just makes it that much sweeter.


Most of the time you will find that the people in you social circle share some of the same qualities which is amazing because your circle is a reflection of you. Keep it guarded, keep it clean (not mean), and ensure that you circle has the same values you do.

What type of people do you have or need in your circle? Please share :-)

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