Thoughtful Thursday: Are You Taking Full Advantage of Your Life?



Between the hustle and bustle throughout the week, I often stop to think. Outside of work, am I really taking advantage of all that life has to offer? Some weeks it feel as though my day job consumes me and then I go home to my family and I feel like my day is over. In all actuality, I only work 9-5, there is plenty of time to fit in little life adventures here and there. After all life is short, and as we discussed before (here), with the right time management anything is possible.

So, my point of this topic for Thoughtful Thursday this week is to get you to think about different ways to optimize your life. Could you use room for improvement? We all can! YOLO... but don't use that as an excuse to get too crazy if you know what I mean. Below are a few tips we all could use on making life that much better.

  • Try something new every week
  • Travel as often as your funds would allow it
  • Network with new people every chance given
  • Volunteer in the community
  • Create things every chance given
  • Take photos of everything
  • Explore different cultures
  • Conquer a new fear every month
  • Do something you said you would never do
  • Love hard
  • Buy fresh flowers
  • Stop telling yourself no
  • Save time to do what something you love everyday
  • Read as much as you can
  • Never stop learning
  • Work out and eat clean (but allow yourself cheat days)
  • Find a way to have a hearty laugh everyday
  • Socialize and step out of your comfort box


What else could you do to take full advantage of your life outside of working?

Feel free to add to the list, beautiful. Remember, life is what YOU make it. #foodforthought