Thoughtful Thursday: Does Being Loved Right Make You Better?



Hello Sunshine! It is Thoughtful Thursday here at Mostly Sugar. Starting this week, we want to dedicate Thursdays to giving you something to think about. There will be no limitations to our conversations. We will balance the sweet with a little bit of spice and create some delicious food for your thoughts. We do promise to keep it beautiful.


A great friend of mine asked, “Do you believe that once a woman is loved the right way, she will be a better person than she was before?” Automatically my mind thought about a man loving her. “How could a man make her a better person? She could be a better person by herself,” I thought. As simple as the question may be, my mind dissected it. Eventually, I eliminated the thought of a man loving her and just focused on the word love. I suppose being loved the right way does not necessarily mean being loved by a lover or a spouse. The love is different but genuine love from friends, family, and love from a spiritual being are just as satisfying. Likewise, I cannot forget about the most important type of love which is self-love. That should be established before anything else because without self-love, how could we accept love and return it?

So let us go back to the original question asked, “Do you believe that once a woman is loved the right way, she will be a better person than she was before?” Well, I believe that every person on this earth have four major needs that has to be met in order to be “whole.” The needs are physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. These four components are what keep us healthy and complete as a person. These four components intertwine and establish our well-being. That means that if we are satisfying all needs we feel whole, and if a component or more is not met the feeling of being incomplete is quite overwhelming. Let me break these components down a little bit.


It is a no brainer that our physical needs should be met to be complete. We have to maintain our bodies and keep it clean, healthy, and fit. This is why it is a priority to go to the doctor when required, feed our bodies nutritional food, and exercise. Having a healthy body does mean being a better person.


In order to be an intact person, the mind must be in order. If your mind is cluttered and chaotic, your life will be cluttered and just as chaotic. You could literally drive yourself crazy if you do not take care of the mental component. What are you without your mind? To be better as a person, you must release the stress, anxiety, depression, negativity, and etc. Once your mind is clear, your thoughts are clear, and you are clear. It is easier to get in touch with your spirit, which is the next major component.


We all have spirits and we have to feed our spirit with spiritual food. If you are a believer of God, than you know we are not complete without him and his son Jesus Christ. It is extremely important that we satisfy our spiritual hunger to be a better person.


Love, love, LOVE! Love yourself, love others around you and embrace love, just love! Love is the cure to happiness and happiness is the cure to being complete. We all need love to survive as whole and healthy human beings. Our emotions impact us so much. Anger could lead to decreases in your wellness in the other three components and happiness has the power to increase your wellness. Being social also falls under the emotional state. Experiencing positive social situations sends positive vibes throughout our body which makes us feel good. Who doesn’t want to feel good? When you feel good physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, you feel unstoppable.


We have the power to be complete only if we satisfy all of our major needs. So, do I think if a woman is loved the right way she will be better than she was before? Heck yeah I do! Not because of who loves her, although having someone is amazing, but because she is now fulfilling her emotional craving. By fulfilling her emotional component, she is happy. Since she is happy, her stress is reduced which is increasing her mental state. Now that she has less stress, she decreased some of her chances for illnesses. That is already ¾ of her major components being satisfied. A little touch of love has the power to make you a better person in all aspects.

Just a little food for thought….