Thoughtful Thursday: Maybe I'm Just Not Meant To Be Successful



Happy Thursday love bugs! I have a confession and a little food for thought. Yesterday I told myself “maybe I’m just not meant to be successful.” Life was weighing on me and I chose to be negative instead of positive, which is never a good thing. I started looking around at all of these successful people and then started comparing myself. I had seen people my age living my dreams and I am nowhere near where I want to be in life. I almost settled on the original thought, “maybe I’m just not meant to be successful.”

My mind started to roam and I started to think really hard. Am I really doing all that I can to be successful? What makes me different from those people who are living my dreams? Well, we are all human. I know that from the day we were born, we were given 24 hours in a day and seven days in a week. We were also given the power of free will. Free will allows us to have no restraints to how we spend that time. How we spend our time does determine the outcome of our future. So does that mean technically we ultimately have the power to choose how we want our lives to be?

Do we have the power to have a great life, a miserable life, or a life that falls in between? Does that mean that there is not one person on this earth who is better than or lesser than the next person? Wow. It is all in how we manage our time. How many times have you complained about needing more time in a week? How many times have you complained about not being able to get things done? I am so guilty of complaining about not having enough time but every person that are where I want to be in life have the same amount of time that I do. They just maximized it. What's my excuse?

“We are not given a good life or a bad life. We are given a life. It’s up to us to make it good or bad,” Ward Foley.