Why Is It Important For Bloggers and Brands to Attend Events?


Well hello there beautiful. Let me start this post off by being completely honest with you. This past Friday was the very first time that I attempted to attend an event as an official blogger/brand. Yes, I said attempted. The actual event did not happen but it was one of the best experiences for me and Mostly Sugar thus far.

I know that some of you reading this are probably just getting your feet wet in the blogging industry. Some of you are building brands and businesses. I can completely relate to you all because Mostly Sugar is just a baby itself. When I created this blog/brand, I promised myself that every piece of information that I learned along the way and every awakening moment I experienced, I will share it with my readers. On Friday, I experienced how important it is to attend events in this industry. Times that by 10 if you are a brand new blog or brand.

Networking Opportunities

This is the most essential part about attending events. Everything is so internet based now but there is no better way to meet someone than face to face. It allows you the opportunity to feel the atmosphere and connect with amazing people of similar interests in one room. You have the chance to introduce yourself, show your personality, and then introduce your blog or brand. Networking opens so many doors and can even spark up friendships. Obviously, before you attend the event you would want to make sure it will be beneficial to you. Example, I would not expect to network with too many people about a natural hair only blog at a relaxer convention.

  Grow Your Social Media

In 2015, people will exchange social network @ names before they exchange phone numbers. This is a great thing as a blogger or a brand. When you attend events and network, you will probably leave with more new followers in just that day than you generate on an average day. The more followers, the more people you have a chance to connect with and expose them to your blog or brand.

Fresh Exclusive Content

This is more for bloggers. Readers love behind the scenes access to an event. Personally, if there is an event that I cannot attend, I try to find a blog that was there so I can somewhat experience what it was like. Make sure you take lots of photos and make videos if you can. Not only will you have fresh content to post but you will probably gain followers as well.


When you attend an event you're not only there as a blogger or a brand. You have the perfect opportunity to expose who's behind the scenes. It adds realness. This is important if you know a lot of your readers or target market will be in attendance. They will no longer have just an image of you online to associate with your blog or brand. Actually meeting you, believe it or not, establishes more of a connection for your market. You will have the chance to take photos with your audience, chat with them, and remind them that you are human. The support will be a lot stronger.

If you're trying to build an audience, I strongly suggest that you attend events in your niche. I am so grateful for the knowledge I gained preparing for the event on Friday and I hope in some way you can utilize these tips.


The event that I tried to attend Friday was the Pose N Post Symposium hosted by Chrisette Michele in Richmond, VA. I was chosen, along with seven other fabulous women, to volunteer at the event. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the event was cancelled.  Although the situation was unfortunate, I still had the opportunity to network with some wonderful and successful people. I learned a lot of valuable information as well.



Get out there and network! The world is yours!

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