10 Ways to Look Expensive On A Budget

Here is how you can get the luxury look without breaking the bank...

10 Ways to Look Expensive on A Budget

10 Ways to Look Expensive on A Budget

The struggle can be very real, girl. We definitely get it, but the struggle does not have to reflect in our wardrobe. There are ways to look nice and luxurious even on the smallest budget. It is all in the methodology of placing the right pieces and fabrics together. Here are our top 10 ways to looking expensive on a budget.

1. Confidence

Let's start here. Your confidence level can make or definitely break your outfit. Walk around in your $5 shirt like it cost you $500. Have swag - although most of us retired this terminology, you get what I'm saying. Confident people can pull off anything and it shows that you have pride in what you are wearing. If you are confident in your styling and garments, others will start looking at you for inspiration.

2. Neutral Pieces are Key

This does not mean that colors outside of the neutral tone palette cannot be expensive. BUT if you are low on funds, you can never have enough neutral pieces in you wardrobe. Neutral tones not only give your clothing longevity with how many times you can wear it, but solid neutral tones pair well with everything. Neutral tones just look more natural and can easily be passed off as expensive designer wear. High-end designer use a lot of neutral and solid palettes in their line.

Tip: blush and olive can be considered a neutral tone, too.

3. Invest in Timeless Pieces

If you're going to invest money into your wardrobe, invest it into timeless pieces over trendy. Timeless pieces can always look more expensive and will always be in style. These items can be classic long trench coats, leather jackets, a nice watch, pointed-toe shoes, neutral toned blazers, knits, pencil skirts, and a leather handbag. Also, invest at least one designer piece that you can wear with your basics such as a designer belt or handbag.

4. Take Care of Your Garments

Whether it is Gucci or Forever 21, a garment that is not cared for will ruin the appearance of your look. Caring for your garments the proper way is almost necessary if you want it to look nice and last long. Make sure that there are no running threads from the seams and that your clothing is always steamed or ironed before you walk out of the house. A clean well taken care of outfit shows that you care about how you look and will give the idea that you spent a little more on your garments because they would look of higher quality.

5. Tailor Your Clothing

First, make sure your clothing actually fits. Clothing that is too tight does not look good and it takes the attention away from the quality of your our fit. Second, make sure it is tailored. High-end clothing is created to fit better than a less expensive piece of clothing. It is very structured and have a tailored look to it. When you purchase a low-end piece of clothing, such as a blazer from HM or Forever 21, tailor it to fit your body. This will completely elevate your look. Purchasing cheaper clothing and getting them tailored will save you money and have the world thinking that you spent hundreds on a designer item.

6. Wear Delicate Jewelry - less is more

Dainty jewelry pieces can definitely level-up an outfit and make you look expensive. Even if it is costume jewelry, it will look as though you spent a lot of money on it. Another benefit is that you can get more wear out of it than gaudy trendy pieces of jewelry.

7. look for affordable Luxe textures and materials

Incorporate luxe textures and materials into your wardrobe. High-end designer clothes use materials such as leather, silk, velvet, fur, and knits. Look for alternatives to these textures like faux fur and faux leather. Velvet is also really big this season in affordable clothing. You can pair these textures with your neutrals and basics to elevate your look.

8. Focus on the styling

The way you wear your clothes says a lot. Save a little money by utilizing what you have and focus on how you are going to style your clothing to make it look expensive. Try rolling the sleeves to your button up top, graphic tee, or blazer. Tuck in your shirt and add a nice belt to your pants. Wear a monochrome basic outfit and add a statement jacket with a nice handbag. Also, you would be surprised what adding a well-fit blazer to your graphic tee and denims can do.

Tip: search on Pinterest for fashion and style inspiration and use it to inspire your own personal style. It's 10% what you are wearing and 90% how you are wearing it.

It’s 10% what you are wearing and 90% how you are wearing it.

9. Invest in quality Handbags and Shoes

Invest in great quality handbags and shoes. Try to always keep a nice structured leather bag in your closet and some really nice shoes. Bags and shoes can easily become the focal point of your outfit and it can take a basic outfit to the next level. They do not have to be high-end designer or purchased at designer retail price. Try to stick with classic styles over trendy for longevity and for the expensive look.

Tip: Second-hand items are amazing. Try shopping at ThredUp for great second-hand designer items for up to 90% off.

10. Replicate designer styles and cuts

It is no secret that even some of the most popular fashion influencers have pieces in their wardrobe that are replicates of designer styles. Find cheaper pieces that replicate the cut and style of high-end designer clothing. Stick to more of "inspired by" pieces instead of straight-up copycat bootlegs. So basically, inspired by pieces are pieces inspired by the high-end designer, but is clearly it's own brand. Straight-up bootleg is a low-end designer trying to pass off as the real high-end designer. Inspiration vs. stealing, get it?

Check out some people wearing high-end designer outfits and find affordable pieces that will give you that look as well. It will definitely elevate your style and you know what - the average eye wouldn't know the difference.