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In just a little over a year, Kelley Davis has been spreading sparkly pink confetti all over the internet with her inspirational lifestyle blog, Kelley With Love. Surfing her website and scrolling through her beautiful Instagram page has become almost irresistible. This is not just an average lifestyle blog. Kelley With Love is a creative happy place for millennials, aspiring entrepreneurs, and women striving for greatness. Kelley teaches you how to celebrate life, and truly "make life the party you hope for." 

As Kelley recently prepared for the celebration of her 1 Year Blogiversary, it was an opportune time to reach out to her and really get to know who she is and some more background information on Kelley With Love that cannot be found in the about section. Mrs. Davis was as sweet as can be, and very personable. She shared some inspiration and tips to make life just that more amazing. Check out Kelley's interview below:


So Kelley, where are you from?


I grew up on a farm in Sumter, South Carolina. I’m talking fresh food and animals everyday!


What motivated you to start your brand, "Kelley With Love?"


Prior to starting Kelley With Love I had two previous blogs. I felt they were both missing something major. The first thing was a brand, and the second was that I didn’t feel either provided enough value. So I decided to create something new. I always got emails from others asking questions about blogging.  A light bulb went off and I created Kelley With Love to provide value to others in the form of lifestyle and blog strategies. Once I got going I decided to narrow my focus to branding, which can be done through blogging and social media. My key was to keep my information short, sweet, and actionable. I wanted to be that person to help others take their first step because I know how hard it can be when you’re starting out and you don’t quite know what to do or who to turn too.


What inspires you?


Literally, everything. I’m not even kidding. Sometimes I’ll just be sitting there and an idea will hit me and I’ll have to tell my husband or call my best friend to tell them immediately. It could be a color, song, food, or even a feeling. Inspiration just strikes from any and everything for me. I have tons of sticky notes and iPhone notes because of all of the ideas I have.


Could you tell us more about your brand/business or any other brands, businesses, or projects you have going on?


Kelley With Love was created to be an online happy place to help millennial creatives take their first action steps toward building compelling brands that delight and inspire beautiful lifestyles. I’m currently working behind the scenes to create some fun social media work shops and office décor. I also have a super fun email series I’m developing specifically to inspire and provide value to millennial creatives that currently work a 9-5 but have dreams of going into entrepreneurship.


What has been your biggest accomplishment on your journey so far?


Gosh, I’d definitely say my biggest accomplishment has been finding my niche and continuing to work towards my dreams even when I feel afraid.


What has been your biggest challenge?


My biggest challenge has been choosing a niche. I have struggled with this for THE longest time. Before I felt like choosing a niche meant limiting myself. Now I know that choosing a niche has helped me to position myself as a leader and expert. It shows that I can focus and am disciplined enough to choose even though I have many other talents and interests.



What does your ideal future hold for you?


Ideally, within the next year I’ll be a full-time entrepreneur.  Kelley With Love recently celebrated one year! This year I’m really looking forward to working with other fierce female entrepreneurs and getting the Kelley With Love brand out there to provide value to millennial creatives internationally.

Are there any other brands, businesses, or bloggers that inspire you?


Yes! I’m obsessed with bigger brands like Kate Spade and I also love Studio Mucci (, The Caroline Doll (, Creative Purposes (, The Urban Quarters ( and Naptural Nicole ( and so many more.


Imagine there is someone out there reading this would want to accomplish what you have. What advice would you give them?


Remember that everyone had to start somewhere. The best place to start will always be where you can provide value. Work hard at finding the balance between self-love and selfness. You may feel alone sometimes, but you’re not. Google is your best friend. Never underestimate your perspective, that’s where your authenticity lies.  It’s normal to want to quit, but don’t. By all means have fail and have fun, it’s the only way!


How can we keep up with you and continue to follow your journey? (Social Media, Websites, & Etc)


You can find me at I’m always on Instagram (@KelleyWithLove) and I’d love to add a little party to your inbox,

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