5 Tips That Will Help Any New Blogger Stand Out

Standing out is a must in life--- period. Times that by three in the blogging industry. I am sure there are almost a billion blogs housed on the internet and probably a million in your preferred niche. If not a million, I know for a fact there are thousands, but not all of these blogs are being noticed.

It is hard to get noticed if you are not doing anything to stand out. This is the down fall for a lot of new bloggers. They start a blog that gets drowned out by established blogs and blogs that are catching readers attention. Well, that is just a waste of time isn't it? If you're a new blogger, I want you to read and apply these few tips that I've learned over the past few months that will surely help your new blog stand out. Honestly, I wish I knew these things before I initially launched.

1) Create A Strong Brand

A strong brand is not only professional, it is memorable. It is very important to establish this in the very beginning of your blog journey. If you are not familiar with branding it is basically creating an unique image for yourself and/or your blog. Figure out your mission, your colors, your fonts, and your overall theme and remain consistent. Think of your blog as a business from the beginning even if you have no plans on monetizing your blog. In a previous post, I went into further detail of creating a strong brand.

2) Be Original

This may seem redundant, but it is very essential. BE ORIGINAL. This does not mean that you cannot be inspired by other blogs and take ideas with you, but make it your own. We are all inspired by something or someone but you cannot copy it exactly. Use your own voice through your writing and show your own personality. That alone will help you stand out because there is only one you.

3) Invest In Quality

When you invest in your blog it shows and it places you in another blog bracket. When you read a blog that has great quality photos, quality content, beautiful designs, fast response, and add on features you are more likely to return. Invest in your own domain. It is more professional. Show that you care about what you put out because you invested in quality. If you cannot take great quality photos with a DSLR or a high grade point and shoot, invest in a photographer, stock photos, or use great free stock photos. An iphone is just as great. Also, make sure all of your content is great quality and serves a purpose. That is the meat of your blog. I highly suggest investing in informational blogging e-books and e-courses from some of the best to do and apply it to your blog.

4) Be Social

Bloggers and blog readers have a community and you want to make sure you are involved in it. Socialize with other bloggers that you admire and potential readers. Become active on social media and post things that will get people involved. Start retweeting, following, and mentioning blogs that you like and they will more than likely return the favor. This will get your name on different feeds and have people checking you out and wanting to know more about your blog.

5) Do Not Act Like The Newbie That You Are

There is nothing wrong with being the new kid on the blog block, baby. Just don't act like a newbie. Come on the blogging scene like BOSS. Most new blogs just set up shop and start blogging. If you want to stand out, you need to start like you've been doing this for years. Set up an awesome about me page to highlight your blog, your professional skills, and your awesome personality. Write blogs that look just as good as a pro. Do not be afraid to give advice because you are new. As I stated before, buy your own domain in the beginning for only $12 a year because you will be taken more seriously. No, there is nothing at all wrong with myblog.wordpress.com or myblog.blogspot.com (I have seen plenty of great blogs without their own domain) but if you have the means to purchase your own, do it. 

What are you going to do to help your new blog stand out? What tips could you add on to this list to help more new bloggers? We would love to hear from you!


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