The Face Behind "The Cute Foodie" --- Camille C.

The Cute Foodie, a blog for all food lovers, is making a solid name in the blogging industry with a rapidly growing peak of popularity and constantly expanding community. Camille C. is the lovely face and brains behind The Cute Foodie, and not only does she provide amazing food reviews, but she is absolutely freaking gorgeous (well she is the cute foodie). Camille's food expertise, super awesome personality, and appealing food photography could very well be the explanation behind her recently gaining over 11K of dedicated followers on Instagram.

We were very excited to chat with Camille via email, and really get to know who that lovely face was behind this intriguing blog. Read Camille's interview below to find out what inspires her and how she got started in this industry.

Hi Camille! Where are you from?

I was born and raised in London, England but right now I'm living in upstate New York.

What motivated you to become "The Cute Foodie?”

I love food (who doesn’t?) and I love looking under different food hashtags (#foodie, #foodporn) where I saw other people posting different delicious looking food on Instagram. One day I thought “Why don’t I start posting photos like this?” so I made a food oriented Instagram account and posted my first picture, a watermelon (exciting, I know).

Very cool. So Camille, what inspires you?

I love looking at other food and lifestyle accounts on Instagram for inspiration. When I see something I like, I’ll screenshot it or note it down and then try to recreate it later. A lot of my inspiration is spur of the moment, so I’ll see something in real life and just stop and take a photo of it without any planning.

Could you tell us more about your life as a food blogger/vlogger?

I find myself looking at food in a way I never did before. Before when I bought food all I had to consider was “do I want to eat that?” but now I think more in terms of “how photogenic is that?” and “will that do well on Instagram”? It’s bad but in a way I really enjoy choosing things that I know will photograph well.
Writing about food comes really naturally to me because it’s something I’m really passionate about. Some people may think photographing and writing about food everyday must be a arduous task but I personally really enjoy it; I almost find it therapeutic. It’s almost a cool way of reliving the moment where you’re actually eating the food.


What has been the biggest accomplishment on your journey so far?

My biggest accomplishment was probably reaching 10,000 followers on Instagram through pictures of food. I think it’s so cool that I can interact with as many people as possible through an app surrounding an interest.

What has been your biggest challenge?

This may sound trivial but I sometimes find it really difficult to come up with captions for my photos. I often find myself looking at other food accounts for inspiration but there are some days when I have to be really unoriginal because I just can’t think of anything. I try to do my best; I enjoy coming up with inspirational or amusing life quotes but putting them in terms of whatever food is pictured. For example, “say no to drugs and yes to pizza” with a picture of a pizza or “life is like an ice cream cone - you have to take it one lick at a time” with a photograph of an ice cream cone.

What does your ideal future hold for you?

I want to finish university with a double major in Film and Television and English. After that, I’m not 100% sure yet I want to work somewhere in the media industry: whether that be film, television, journalism or blogging.

What is the best part about doing what you do?

Eating! Obviously. No, what I love most about what I do surrounding myself with food everyday. I’m also really lucky in that I get sent products from companies to review so I constantly get to try new things.

Are there any other brands, foodies, businesses, or bloggers that inspire you?

I have a lot of favorite food/lifestyle accounts on Instagram; some of my favorite inspiration accounts include @missnewfoodie, @hattiee_amelia, @lydiaemillen and @emilybaettaglini. Their pictures are so well-lit with perfect composition and gorgeous content.

Imagine there is someone out there reading this would want to accomplish what you have. What advice would you give them?

I’d say choose something you’re really passionate about and surround yourself. That way you’ll never get bored of it. Create content that you enjoy making and you’ll naturally get better at it through practice. Make it your goal to get other people as excited about it as you are through the content you create. You can do this multiple ways nowadays - Twitter, Instagram, your own personal blog or in real life.

How can we keep up with you and continue to follow your journey? (Social Media, Websites, & Etc)

You can follow me at @thecutefoodie on Instagram or on my website,, where I post about anything and everything food. I also have a Youtube channel which I’ve just begun posting random, food-related videos to again - Comment on my videos if you’ve seen this article!