3 Ways to Help Boost Energy Levels & Slim down in the Process


If you are anything like I am, you might find that your energy levels start to dip during certain times of the day. Ever hear of the 3 o’clock slump? This is especially true if you are not living the healthiest lifestyle.

Today I want to share a few tips that will help you boost your energy levels

and possibly help you slim down a bit in the process if that is your goal.

These tips are a part of a summer weight loss series I did on my blog petiteheartbeat.com. You can read that full post here.

Lets jump right in.

Drink Water. 

This one you may hear time and time again. That is because people have seen weight loss results by simply upping their water intake. Your body is made of mostly fluids and water, so it makes sense that we need a lot of it. Not having enough water each day may cause you to feel fatigued and dehydrated. Drinking enough water will not only help with your energy levels, it can also help you feel full before and after meals. It will also help flush out all of the icky toxins we just do not need in our bodies.

Cut the Junk.

If you want to feel energized and lose weight, you have to cut back on processed junk food. This is not a myth to keep you from having fun with food. I do not care what anyone says, junk food affects your body differently than whole foods. If I ate 1000 calories of junk vs. 1000 calories of whole foods, I would feel the difference. You can treat yourself and still lose weight, but the majority of your choices need to be real foods. Fruit, veggies, lean meats, whole grains and starches. This will help you lose weight without even exercising! GASP!!! AND THE CROWD GOES WILD! Eating whole foods like fruit, vegetables, whole grains and superfoods will also help with your energy levels.


My last tip is to get some exercise. Exercise actually increases your energy levels. Performing 30-45 minutes of exercise a day, should be sufficient to start boosting your energy levels. This is also true if you want to start toning up and gaining some endurance.

I look at exercise as a way to get your heart healthy and your body toned up. I believe the actual weight loss part comes from your diet but I love the way exercise makes me feel! I will not go without it and I suggest you do it daily also :). Check out some of my workouts here for inspiration.

I hope you find these tips for boosting energy effective. For more healthy living and fitness advice please visit my website at http://petiteheartbeat.com

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