5 Athleisure Pieces to Rock Whenever!

After all the 5 inch heels and tight skinny jeans; skin tight dresses and pointy flats, it seems like the fashion world has finally changed its tune about the idea of 'no pain, no gain.' At least, this is what I sense when I see the athleisure trend being celebrated on top fashion magazines and established designers creating stunning athleisure pieces.

From the most followed celebrities to the most successful fashion bloggers, these days, wearing gym clothing beyond the gym is widely accepted as the norm, especially with athleisure pieces being so beautifully crafted. Still, there is a fine line between looking on trend and looking like a lazy bum, and so, while taking five of the most popular athleisure pieces of the season, here are the ways you can rock this trend for everyday wear.


Ever since Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner were photographed wearing bomber jackets, this athleisure wear has turned into the hottest fashion piece of the season. From embroidered ones to bomber jackets with typography on the back, wearing this piece with dark denim and a blouse or paired with a simple dress is a way of giving street style cred to this style piece.


Nothing gives us a more comfortable, pajama-like feel than wearing yoga pants and with so much variety out there these days, now it is easier to wear yoga pants to the office or for a day of errands, without looking like a frumpy mess. Start by donning yoga pants in a tonal color like black, grey or navy and wear a delicate looking shoe like pointy ballet pumps. Adding a leather jacket on top or a fine knitted cardigan will also help give this piece the elegant touch it needs.


From Jane Fonda's 80s workout videos to the present, off the shoulder pieces for the gym have always been on trend. Work this athleisure piece to the office and beyond by tucking it in a sleek midi skirt and paired with peg trousers and high heels.


Knitwear is a huge part of the athleisure trend. These days, you can lounge at home in a chic knitted playsuit and wrap yourself for the office in a knitted cardigan that ties at the side. Take advantage of the knits available and wear them with everything from ripped denim for brunch with the girls to paired with a classic midi dress to keep warm at the office.


A staple in every wardrobe and the go-to piece to wear at the gym, the t-shirt has for most of our lives made us look frumpy and unstylish. With the athleisure trend however, the t-shirt has been taken to a whole new level and given texture with mesh and raw seems, asymmetrical edges and other features which have taken the boredom out of the piece. You can rock a shirt like these or even a simple T with a dramatic pleated skirt or a bold patterned pair of trousers and look utterly chic for the office and beyond.

These are some of the ways to rock athleisure. How have you been rocking the athleisure trend? Share your thoughts below!


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