5 Gift Ideas for the Female Entrepreneur

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The busy ladies in our life sometimes just don’t get enough appreciation. They work hard all day juggling responsibilities, family time, social life, and their own business, and yet they still manage to be absolutely fierce. Do you know a female entrepreneur? Then you know a wonderful, brave lady who’s both clever and fabulous. Holiday time is coming, and now’s the perfect moment to gift them with something nice to make them feel happy and loved.

If you’re interested in a few handy gift ideas for these flawless queens, we’ve got you covered right here.

A leather planner

-A leather planner.jpg

Nothing like the feel of a smooth, polished leather underneath your fingertips, and since your friend almost certainly uses a planner, this is a good way to give her something that’s very useful, and looks very luxurious. Show her that you believe her thoughts and her business are impressive, that they deserve a special place where she can jot down important things. Get her a beautiful pen to go along with it, something slim and silver, something that will look good in her skilled, graceful hands.

An espresso machine

An espresso machine.jpg

Okay, if you want someone’s eternal gratitude, just get them something that will allow them to imbue delicious coffee whenever their heart desires it. Since hooking up coffee to an IV is a tiny bit tricky, an espresso machine will have to work. Busy people tend to live on coffee, and they become very particular about its quality. This allows them to make their own blends and to make that perfect, steaming mug every single time. Whether they take it to the office or keep it at home, it will be treasured.

A giant handbag

A giant handbag.jpg

Something that’s beautiful, and yet still entirely practical. A big handbag is something every busy lady needs because lugging around things in plastic bags and our hands is hardly stylish. Black or brown leather is always a good, versatile choice, but if you know your friend well and know her favorite color, then pick up something that’s a little more fun, that suits her particular taste. She’ll be happy to have something fashionable and useful to show around as she goes about her day.

Personalized nail polish

Personalized nail polish.jpg

We often forget that our entrepreneur friends are still just ladies, and that they like to feel girly and sexy, too. Everyone might break their necks to get her something they consider to be practical, while she might end up longing for something cool and feminine, something that will make her feel pretty and silly. Getting her a personalized nail polish in a beautiful color is a fantastic idea, because you can have her favorite quote, saying, mantra, or motto written on it. Just imagine her face when she receives a sweet little nail polish bottle in her favorite color and her name, or something like “I slay every day” on it. She’ll get an instant mood lift and a confidence boost each time she wears it and it can be her unique signature.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards.jpg

Great idea for a gift, especially if you still don’t know each other too well. A clothing gift card will let her go to a store and pick out just the thing that she needs, but you might want to go a step further and give her a spa gift card. A relaxing, soothing massage and a beauty day at a good spa is something pretty much anyone on the planet would love, let alone a gal who’s always busy, and always a little too stressed. This shows that you think of her health and well-being, and that you want her to get some quality time alone where she can chill out and not think of anything else for a whole day.

Don’t forget to leave a sweet note with your gift! Let your entrepreneur friend feel appreciated by picking these well-thought-out gifts and you’ll be making her very happy, and very grateful.