5 Things You Should Be Doing This October


Can you freakin' believe that October is here already?! Insane right! Where has the year gone? I literally blinked my eyes in August and landed in October. Any-who, I suppose since we are here, we might as well make the best out of it! So grab those beautiful jackets, super cute boots, and pumpkin spice lattes and prepare for an October filled with fun!

Here are 5 things you should be doing this October:


1) Organizing Your Closet

Photo via www.zillow.com; courtesy of  containerstore.com

Photo via www.zillow.com; courtesy of containerstore.com

October is usually the month people start to transition fall clothing into their wardrobe while weening out the summer wear. In the process, things can get a little cluttered. Spend sometime during the first weekend in October organizing your closet and getting it nice and pretty. Transparency and store like closet displays are huge closet trends this fall. Check out some of the beautiful wardrobe displays like the one in the photo at Ikea and Container Store.

2) Enjoying An Autumn Wine Festival

Because duh... who doesn't like wine?! October is a very popular month for festivals; especially wine festivals. A lot of vineyards and local events host Autumn Wine Festivals that usually involves music, vendors, and art. It is a wonderful experience and an amazing way to bring in fall. If you have never attended a wine festival, I suggest you google search wine festivals in your state and attend one. Not a wine drinker? Understandable. See what local fall festivals are in your area and try to check it out with a few friends. It is a great way to taste food from local vendors, enjoy some music and nice art, and just soak up the culture experience.


3) Baking Fall Sweets

Photo via www.allrecipes.com

Photo via www.allrecipes.com

Sometimes fall does not settle in for me until I smell the warm scent of nutmeg, apples, pumpkin, and all spice coming from the kitchen. Take some time out this October to try some new fall dessert recipes.

4) Creating A Cozy Home

'Tis the season to get cozy! Before the cooler weather starts to take over, take some time to make your home a little warmer and cozier. Time will change soon so it will be darker and cooler earlier. Perfect for couch cuddles with big throw pillows and textured cushions. Incorporating a lot of neutral and warm tones in your home and luxury faux furs will really set the mood. Bring autumn into your home --- ehh.. without the cold.

5) Enjoying Outdoors

The last thing you want to do in October is stay cooped up in the house all day. Get out and enjoy outdoors. Take a walk in the park and watch the leaves fall. You can even bring your laptop and get inspired by the colorful leaves to write something amazing. This is also a great opportunity to take some awesome photos. Appreciate the beauty of nature.

If you have little ones of your own or in your family, plan a trip to the pumpkin patch and maybe a hayride. There will be a lot of outdoor events going on in October. This includes homecoming events at universities and colleges and plenty of football games and tailgating opportunities. If you have a yard, now is the opportune time to get those early spring flower buds in the ground before it becomes to cold. Try to take advantage of this time and enjoy the great outdoors.

Hello october!!

Despite mentioning dessert recipes, I plan on starting a journey for a healthier lifestyle. That means I will be kicking carbs in the butt, eating clean, and getting in the habit of staying consistent with working out. I need your help to stay motivated, so I've decided to post my journey here on Mostly Sugar. I'm thinking maybe a once a week update and any healthy recipes or fitness tips I inquire along the way. It would be amazing if you join this journey with me. We can motivate each other.

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So what do you have planned this october?