9 Traits Every Bad Ass Entrepreneur Should Have

Traits of an entrepreneur

Traits of an entrepreneur

There are entrepreneurs and there are bad ass girl bosses. Be a bad ass girl boss.

Not all entrepreneurs are created equal. It takes special qualities to really be successful in the field of business, or as I would say, to really kick ass in this game. According to Forbes, as of January 2015, 90% of startup businesses and new entrepreneurs fail. The 10% of successful entrepreneurs are what I consider to be the bad asses of business. They are the models of how to handle business the right way and what it takes to get there.

Not sure about you, but I want to be in the 10% of successful entrepreneurs. I want to be the #GirlBoss of all girl bosses. There are about 9 traits every bad ass entrepreneur should have and I think we should work on mastering them.

Get On Your A+ Game In Time and Money Management

Time and money management are the first two keys to success. Two of the most common quotes I have ever heard from a new entrepreneur in the 90 percentile is "I just do not have enough time" and "I cannot seem to figure out why I am in so much debt." A bad ass entrepreneur knows the importance of mastering these traits and applying them to everything in life. A bad ass entrepreneur is timely and wealthy. This is not a coincidence. Owning a business sometimes calls for sleepless nights and days foregoing time out and about. It also calls for knowing where every last penny is going and how to maximize those dollars. In order to be the greatest you have to use your time (time is money) and money wisely. If you are struggling, hire the best damn assistant and accountant you could afford. 

Be Nothing Less of Determined

Successful people in general are strong-minded and determined. You have to wake up in the morning, know what the hell you want to do and how you are going to get there. You have to make it your duty to reach that finish line by any means necessary. Once you have determination, the grunt work will just fall in line naturally. Determination is what gets you up off of your ass after you fall and have you running like nothing happened. If you do not have determination, entrepreneurship is definitely not for you.

You Have to Have Fire In Your Eyes

Passion. What bad ass boss you know with empty eyes? If the flames are not lit, this is not your purpose in life. The whole point of pursuing entrepreneurship is because you want to fulfill YOUR dreams and not someone else dreams. Determination is what gets you up and running, and passion is what keeps you going when your legs are tired. Once you find something that you are passionate about then only death can stop you from wanting to pursue it. People are more likely to invest in someone with passion because they know that the fire will burn you a road to success.

Walk In Rooms Like You Own The Place

Confidence. Not only is confidence sexy, it can make people eat out of the palm of your hands. If you believe in yourself and carry yourself like you are the bad ass boss you are striving to be, the world will believe in you. You can be super business savvy, but if you do not possess confidence then people will be unsure about working with you. If you are not sure, why should we be sure? Tip: Being overly confident can sometimes make you unnecessary enemies so be careful. Keep your confidence on humble lane, not cocky central.

Make Chameleon Your Middle Name

Adaptable. Every successful entrepreneur is flexible and adapts to change. The business industry is rarely stable and you have to know how to roll with the punches if you want to stay on top. Even in business meetings. You may have to meet with investors of different cultures and backgrounds and you will need to know how to adapt to accommodate them. Stay on those pretty toes and try not to get comfortable. Actually, you should learn to get used to being in uncomfortable situations.

Mingle With The Right People

Network, network, network. A true bad ass entrepreneur mingles a lot, but hardly ever plays. It is all business. Some of the greatest deals are formulated over cocktails and dinner parties. For those who are not naturally sociable, this is where adaptation comes in the picture. The best way to get your name and company out there is to show face at the right events. Build relationships with media insiders and other heavy hitting professionals who do not conflict of interests. You know it goes β€” it is all about who you know and the weight of your name.

Learn to Be Fearless

Do not let fear hold you back from your dreams. Sometimes dreams are so big they can seem overwhelmingly scary. Just don't let that keep you in the safe zone for the rest of your life. Bad asses are the number one risk takers. There are bad risks, and good risks. Use your better judgement, of course, but do not be afraid to jump off of the cliff when necessary. That jump could land you a billion dollar deal. 

What Good Is A Pack of Ammo If You Can't Find It?

Organization will be your saving grace. Becoming disorganized is very easy if you have a lot of things going on. Clutter causes clutter brain so you really want to master the skill of organization. There is no room for error. Disorganization could be the cause of your business failing. Keep track of everything... EVERYTHING. This may also save you from loosing a lot of money when it is tax time. An organized boss is one bad ass boss.

Know Your Game & Know It Well

Never stop mastering your niche. In whatever business avenue you choose, do not get so comfortable you are not on your A game at all times. A successful entrepreneur knows their industry so well that they know when everything ticks and tocks. It gives them a good leg to stand on when forecasting the future of the business and pitching it to investors. Researching your industry will give you that wow factor that will take you a very long way with your business. Know your game and know it well, you bad ass entrepreneur you.