A New Style Era: When Millennials Take Over Fashion

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No quicker way to bring a controversial subject to the table than to mention the Millennials. From lazy, entitled, and overemotional, to cool, fashion-forward, and socially aware – many terms are used to describe our generation through either grumbling, or admiration. It would seem you can’t just be a young person today because everyone has an opinion about what we are like.

Still, we trudge on, pushing the boundaries, asking for more, changing the world. We’re redefining fashion in our own way, and these are just some of the things that we love.

Minimalism and simplicity

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Today’s times are very fast, very stressful, and we really don’t have much time to put together a full glam outfit every single day. As a matter of practicality and the desire for some retro elegance, Millennials are fully embracing minimalism as their go-to style, regardless of whether they’re going to lectures or spending the day at the office.

A fitted dress and a simple black blazer is probably the easiest combo in the world to pull off, and it looks so good on pretty much everybody. No need for heels either – slip into your tall boots or even a pair of chucks and you’re ready. Simple A-line skirts, high-waisted trousers, regular white tees, cute button-downs, all of these are easy staple pieces that can help you create a variety of fun outfits. Wear it all in black and white and you’ll never have to worry about matching colors either.

Fluidity of gender

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What were once clearly defined rules about clothing and gender, are now barely even outlines. No more pink for the girls, blue for the boys, no more restrictions. As we become more inclusive, clothing is becoming more gender-neutral.

An oversized male hoodie and a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans is something every woman has in her closet, and people no longer care as much whether the shirt they bought came from the male or female department in the store. Traditional cuts are still very much present, but there’s more choice now, for everyone. Don’t let gender stop you from trying on new things, do whatever you want to do with your fashion.

Casual comfort

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Feeling comfortable and looking cute are now synonymous. Skater dresses and sneakers, drawstring skirts and striped shirts, just give us something comfy for our everyday chic. Wear versatile pieces, such as sexy shorts, and pair them with ankle boots and a denim jacket for a walk around the town, or metallic heels and a satin blazer for a date night. A pair of golden hoops, some bold lipstick, and hair let loose and wild – you’ll be a goddess of style.

Uniform looks

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Having an everyday “uniform” is something a lot of Millennials practice. Think about your own personality, what represents you, what makes you get up in the morning? Your uniform is the go-to style for everyday use, it’s something to turn to in a rush, or just as a way to perfectly present your own uniqueness to the world.

Do you have a favorite lipstick shade you wear every day? Or maybe it’s that oversized Lord of the Rings shirt that you love? Or maybe you’re the kind of person who always wears menswear inspired pieces? Have a “you” outfit, something that suits you to a T, that you created yourself and you know that it looks amazing.

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Millennials also appreciate transparency and honesty in business, as well as a good price. We don’t shy away from second-hand stores, and we prefer to support brands that deal with their customers in an open way. Social politics also plays a role, so eco-fashion is on the rise among the younger generations. All in all, our generation is seeking playfulness and art in fashion – we’re breaking all the rules and smashing expectations to find something that’s genuinely just fun to wear.

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