Beauty Favorites of 2015 - By Maranda (Muaranda)

This year has gone by quicker than I anticipated. On the bright side, I had enough time to acquire a lot of new makeup products that I would love to share with you guys. If you’re looking for new products or you’re just curious about what products I enjoy then check out my Beauty Favorites of 2015.

Beauty Favorites of 2015

#1 Beauty Blender

#1 on my list is the Beauty Blender. The Beauty Blender makes applying foundation and blending out your concealer extremely easy. All you do is run it under the faucet until it has doubled in size and squeeze the excess water out and it is ready to be used. You don’t realize how attached you are to it until you lose it.

Retail: $20

#2 Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Palette

The Kat Von D Shade + Light eye palette contains perfect bases for your makeup. At first glance you would probably think ‘why would I ever need this palette?’ But trust me; you do. It contains perfect transition shades that will make the transition between your shadows beautiful. The formula can be a bit powdery at times, but overall it’s a good palette that I use on the daily. This palette contains four cool shadows and eight warm.

Retail: $46

#3 Morphe 350 Palette

The Morphe 350 is the most wanted palette through Morphe. It usually sells out right after it goes on sale, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on it the last time it did. This palette is relatively warm so it will look perfect on people with warm undertones. The palette contains a majority of matte shadows and a few shimmery ones. The shimmery ones are my most favorite out of the entire palette; they are buttery and blend really well and can be used as a good highlighter. Overall, it is an amazing palette and I would suggest it to anyone.

Retail: $22.99

#4 Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz & Dipbrow Pomade

If you’re looking for good brow products I would suggest leaning towards Anastasia Beverly Hills. I use Anastasia on the daily, and out of all of the brow products I’ve used in the past, Anastasia is my favorite. The Dipbrow Pomade and Brow Wiz come in a range of shades from ash blonde to black. I normally change up my brows on a day to day basis. It usually depends on my mood. I use ‘Granite’ and ‘Taupe.’

Brow Wiz $21

Dipbrow $18

#5 Nars Creamy Concealer

The NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is a full coverage concealer that is good for people who are combination to oily skin. I use it to highlight my T-zone and to brighten my dark circles. The only thing that I dislike about it is that the applicator is too stiff.

Retail: $29

#6 Morphe M149 Brush

The M149 from Morphe is my all-time favorite crease brush. Before I owned this brush I had problems getting eye shadow in certain areas and the brush is small enough to do the job. I find that this brush is perfect for cut creases and applying shadow on the lower lash line. Every time I shop at Morphe, I add this brush to my cart because I will never have enough of it. I highly recommend this brush if you’re ever looking to buy brushes from Morphe.

Retail: $1.99

#7 Morphe M513 Brush

Another Morphe brush I love is the M513. This brush is perfect for blending out your shadow (which is very important must I add).

Retail: $5.99

#8 Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner

Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner is very hyped up on social media and it deserves to be. It is a good, fast drying spot cleanser that will leave your brushes looking like they are brand new. A problem I find with regular brush cleansers is that it takes forever for my brushes to dry. Usually they are still wet when I'm ready to do makeup. The struggle is real. I love that it only takes a few minutes for my brushes to dry with the Cinema Secrets cleanser.

Retail: $8-36

#9 ColourPop Super Shock Shadow - Heaven

It’s one thing to look at pictures of swatches and to swatch the product yourself. When I first tried Colourpop I fell in love. The Supershock Shadows are extremely pigmented and are super soft. I almost cried because they are so amazing. Colourpop deserves the hype that they receive.

Retail: $5

#10 Too Faced Chocolate Bar

The final product I want to talk about is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar. It legit smells like chocolate and not only are the shadows really pigmented; the shadows apply without any issue. Whenever I use my Chocolate Bar I spend like 20 minutes smelling it because it’s just that amazing!

Retail: $49



I’m a seventeen year old aspiring makeup artist that has been using makeup since I was eight.  My obsession and passion for it didn’t start until I was twelve. I continue to learn new things everyday and want to make this my lifetime career. I love to spend time with my mom who is also my best friend. I’m also madly in love with bacon cheese fries.



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