Want That Perfect Hour-Glass Shape? Then We Suggest You Follow These 3 Steps

Best Methods to Follow for An Hourglass Figure

Best Methods to Follow for An Hourglass Figure

Everyone who has seen the James Bond installment Die Another Day, probably remembers Halle Berry’s impressive physique as she emerges from the sea in that Ursula Andress inspired bikini. While it caused a great deal of excitement in the male population, most women probably went green with envy at the sight of that gorgeous hourglass figure.

Although the society hasn’t entirely dropped the skinny beauty trend, curves have undoubtedly gained more traction in the fashion industry and among ordinary women. We have investigated the ways to achieve the hourglass figure, and here are the results.


It is well known that one cannot lose fat purposefully from a certain part of the body. However, a wholesome nutrition that minimizes the build-up of fatty tissue in the critical regions and eliminates the bloated appearance can certainly help.

The goal of many prescribed hourglass-shape diets focuses on the “re-sculpting” of that pesky extra fat on women’s hips. Overall, this nutrition plan is based on consumption of proteins and foods with low glycemic index. These are the foods that should be avoided:

  • Foods with high glycemic index: Since these foods get digested fast and become ready-to-use, any extra material will turn into fat and get stuck right to the problematic areas. Example: potatoes, white bread, rice, sweets and all sorts of processed food.
  • Foods high in saturated fats: Ladies should steer clear of the frequent intake of fried foods, fatty meat, creamy dairy products and whole-milk sweets.
  • Certain grains, fruits and vegetables: Who knew that vegetables can affect our figure? Any food that prompts the production of insulin should be eaten for breakfast alone. Example: legumes, starchy vegetables (carrots, beets, etc.), couscous, raisin and others.


  • Yeast: The culprit for beer bellies around the world, yeast that’s commonly found in beer and bread is an inflating agent that gives ladies a bloated look.


To achieve a balance between the upper body (bust and shoulders) and the lower body (hips and thighs), one should concentrate on enhancing the key points. Even the girls that are not hourglass-shaped naturally can tweak their features a bit to get a slightly curvier body line.

Here a common workout plan prescribed for the hourglass figure by the fitness professionals:

For a tiny waist and a boosted curvy look, combine 15 reps of pilates side planks with leg rises, 15 reps of windshield wipers, 1 minute of jumping oblique twist and 1 minute of lateral jumps.

For a nicely shaped booty and an enhanced profile, combine 1 minute of high knees, 15 reps of alternating lunges, 15 reps of cross over lunges and 15 reps of sumo squats.

Finally, for a stronger and more pronounced chest area, combine 15 reps of plank extensions, 15 reps of wide push ups and 1 minute of mountain climbers.

Clothing Choices

Pear-shaped ladies have it relatively easy. Since their shoulders are slightly narrower than their hips, they can either opt for shoulder-padded tops or wear the visually slimming (dark) bottoms. Rectangle and apple-shaped women should wear clothes with a high-placed faux waist line that creates an illusion of a smaller waist.

Women with an inverted triangle body type can obtain a balance with voluminous bottoms, such as balloon skirts. Even the colorful womens gymwear can aid in our mission with its color combinations and flattering designs.

From the Victorian Era to Present Time

Even though some people aren’t fans of the Kardashian clan, it’s hard not to notice the success of their (girdle) waist training corset. Many reviewers claim that this corset improves posture and shows near-immediate results. Still, it’s not recommended for prolonged use.

Women who are keen on getting a more balanced body shape should definitely give one of these methods a try. After all, it’s all done naturally, by means of a healthy diet, regular workouts and smart attire.

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