Blogger, Are You Attracting The Right Audience?

Hey there blogger buds! I am assuming that you need a revaluation on the audience that you are attracting since you clicked this post, or maybe you are new to blogging or thinking about it and want to start off on the right foot. If you're either or neither, I am so happy that you are here. I have some beneficial information that you could use.

Not quite a year ago when I started Mostly Sugar, I had no clear idea of the type of audience I wanted to attract. As a result, I had to re-brand a lot and my bounce rate was through the roof! I was producing content, but did not know who I was talking to. That can be confusing to potential readers (heck, it was confusing for me). Literally, it was like selling cars at a preschool!

Attracting the right audience for your blog is important because those are your potential loyal readers. If you sell products/services or plan to, these are also your potential buyers. When you produce content, you have to know exactly who you are talking to and how to keep them around. That is the point! You want people to keep coming back. You want to become like besties. Once I finally figured it out (yes, it was a little while), my bounce rate has tremendously decreased and my page views sky rocketed! That means I am attracting the right audience. 

Marketing & PR 

Marketing and PR plays a major part in operating a successful blog. Developing a marketing and PR strategy is a must when defining your ideal audience. It is equivalent to sales. You have a product (your content) and you need to find loyal customers (readers) who will not just purchase once, but continue to do so. This involves some research and a lot of planning. Start with the who, what, where, why, how, and when.

Who is your reader persona?

Get to know your ideal reader like they are your best friend. Let's think of your audience as one person. We will name your reader persona Jane. Jane is who you want to attract to your blog. Who is Jane?

  • What does she like?
  • What does she dislike?
  • How is her behavior?
  • How is her personality?
  • How does she dress?
  • What is her demographic?

What are her problems and needs and how can you solve it?

The best way to attract an audience is to solve a problem and satisfy a need. In order to do that, you need find out just what those problems and needs are.

  • What does Jane need?
  • How can you satisfy that need for Jane?
  • Does Jane have any problems?
  • How do you plan on solving her problems?

Where is jane?

It is important to find out where Jane hangs out online so you can be there. 

  • Does Jane utilize social media?
  • Does she use Google a lot?
  • What other blogs do she read?

WHy should jane choose you?

Now that you have the basic background information on "Jane" you have to think about the ways you are going to catch her attention. 

  • What makes you remarkable?
  • What value do you bring?
  • Can you prove that you are credible?

How are you going to captivate jane?

This is all about image and branding. You know who Jane is and what she likes. You know how you can help her and why you are the one she need. So how are you going to captivate her?

  • Is your design appealing to Jane?
  • Does your personality draw Jane in?
  • What kind of tone are you using in your writing?
  • What kind of keywords do you use to help you show up in her searches?
  • What kind of tactics do you plan on using? (ads, webinars, e-books, and etc.)

WHen is jane available?

Find out the time she is most likely online. Is Jane a morning or an evening person? Research the time trends so you can be there right when she is. 

This planning strategy will give you enough information about your ideal audience and allow you to start molding your brand and content towards that audience. You will notice more people sticking around and becoming loyal to your blog. 

Below you will find a basic Marketing & PR Strategy Planning Template to help you along your journey. I really hope you found this information beneficial! Please share this post so we can help others and don't be shy... comment below and tell me what you think!

Until next time...

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