Meet Creative Genius & Ultimate Go-Getter - Tiora "Teekie" Hackley

Tiora "Teekie" Hackley

Tiora "Teekie" Hackley

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.
— Maya Angelou

Some people wait for things to happen. Then there are those few people who make things happen. Virginia State University (VSU) and Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) graduate, Tiora "Teekie" Hackley, is a great example of someone who make things happen. Born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA, College Park 757 area code to be exact, Teekie always managed to inspire her peers through her athletic talents and creative abilities. Her confidence in her artistic style and natural gift of embracing uniqueness made it obvious she was and is destined for greatness. From graphic and fashion design to entrepreneurship, her talents are trailblazing her a golden road to success. 

Outside of freelancing and managing a successful clothing line, Teekie utilizes her combined expertise in sports marketing, graphic design, and natural creativity at her day job—taking an Athletic Department at a popular university in Virginia to the next level. Breaking down doors and grabbing dreams with an unbreakable grip, nothing is impossible in this millennial's world.

MS: Prior to and early on in college, everyone knew Tiora "Teekie" Hackley as a really dope girl with cool hair and a beast on the basketball court. Was your love for playing basketball ever as strong as your love for being a creative being?  

TH: Although basketball is my first love; being creative just came natural. My love for both is the same. 


MS: Your expertise has opened a lot of doors for you early on in your career. Was this expected for you or is it a surreal feeling?

TH: I would not say it’s a surreal feeling. What I have accomplished so far in my life is everything I prayed for and worked hard at. I expected rewards eventually because of the work I had put in everyday and obstacles I would cross. 

Tiora "Teekie" Hackley and Basketball Hall of Famer,  Allen Iverson

Tiora "Teekie" Hackley and Basketball Hall of Famer, Allen Iverson

Photoshop became my outlet whenever I had free time.
— Tiora "Teekie" Hackley

MS: Do you remember any one thing that inspired you to pursue digital art and design?

TH: While I was in high school (Oak Hill Academy) I played around with Photoshop everyday. Being in boarding school the main two things I participated in was basketball and school. Photoshop became my outlet whenever I had free time. It was so addictive and challenging. Being self taught made it so much more challenging but interesting. By the time I made it to college I knew what I wanted to major in which was Graphic Design. 

Photo By:  Ken Grate

Photo By: Ken Grate

MS: Not only are you making a name for yourself as a graphic designer, you have also entered the world of fashion with a boom. How did you get your apparel line off of the ground and what was your inspiration?

TH: My clothing line Teekie Apparel was inspired by myself!!! I started in 2013 and it has been a success ever since. I was able to get it off the ground by social media, word of mouth and I was also a familiar face around Virginia State University campus. People were already aware of my personal style; so making a line that expressed my creativity and style was just a plus.  The support I receive is great and unexpected but I love it. People love exclusivity and that’s what Teekie Apparel brings to them. 

(Above: Photos of Teekie Apparel)

MS: What is your personal style inspiration? 

TH: My personal style inspiration would be Asap Rocky & Teyana Taylor


MS: When comparing your undergraduate career at NSU and VSU to your post-graduate career at MICA, which institution would you say benefited you the most as far as skills towards your career journey? 

TH: Maryland Institute College of Art ( MICA ) no question lol


MS: Graphic design as a whole contains a lot of elements. What would you say is your favorite? 

TH: Typography

Never listen to the negative people.
— Tiora "Teekie" Hackley

MS: What advice do you have to give to someone trying to get their career started in this industry? 

TH: NEVER listen to the negative people. They can’t see your vision. Practice on your craft every day. If you love what you are doing it becomes a natural habit. Stay COMMITTED & FOCUS! 


MS: What is your greatest accomplishment thus far?

TH: Graduating from MICA (Maryland Institute of Art) #3 design program in the world & working for Under Armour as a graphic designer. 


MS: What has been your greatest challenge?

TH: Attending Maryland Institute College of Art (Grad School)

MS: Name three things that you cannot live without: 


  • My IMAC
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Harddrive


MS: Who is your biggest inspiration at the moment?

TH: My grandfather (R.I.P) 

MS: What can we expect in the future from Tiora? 

TH: More accomplishments & great things


MS: How can we continue to follow your journey to success? 


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