Meet DJ Shellheart, Emerging Female DJ & Entrepreneur

Photo: @djshellheart

Photo: @djshellheart

It's fair to say, women, especially sistas are creating amazing avenues for themselves in 2017. California's own, DJ Shellheart, is one of the many! Hailing from the Bay area, DJ Shellheart is a young female DJ who is on the road to making her dreams into a reality. Confident demeanor, unique style, and endless drive put her in a lane of her own. Since I've returned back to California, she's been on my radar of inspirational young entrepreneurs in the area. The way she captivates a crowd is astonishing. DJ Shellheart is someone you definitely want to know.


Tell me about yourself? 

First thing I want you to know about me is that I love to make people smile! When I come in a room, I want people to know I’m there to make them feel good.

I'm from Richmond, CA. Born in San Francisco, but spent most of my years in the city of Richmond. I'm 26 years old, and the only girl in my family! I went from running track to deejaying, big difference, but I'm glad I chose Deejaying for my career. Shout out to all of the track athletes around the world though! 

How long have you been Deejaying and what made you start?

I've been Deejaying since March 2014, so as of this month, I hit my THIRD YEAR!!! Wow, I just noticed that lol. I've always been into music. I was always that friend, sibling, or cousin that knew all the songs and dances! One year my dad bought me some turntables for Christmas. I would go in the garage and play around on them, but I wasn't too serious about it. When I moved to Sacramento in 2014, one day I was just like I WANT TO DJ, so I started and never looked back!

Who are some DJ's that have influenced you?

My number one influencer is my brother DJ J12 I used to go to all the functions and go into the DJ booth and watch him DJ, or just listen while I was dancing on the dance floor. Other influencers are DJ CARISMA, DJ DRAMA, and DJ JAZZY JEFF - legend. 

I know how to read my crowd and play all the right music that people want to hear - get the party lit!
— DJ Shellheart

How do you separate yourself from other females DJ’s?

I'm not your average "female DJ". You wouldn't book me because of my looks. You would book me because of my Deejaying skills. Big Difference between looks and actual DJ skills. I'm the type of "female DJ" that get a crazy reaction from people because they wouldn't believe how good I am until they actually hear me in person. I know how to read my crowd and play all the right music that people want to hear - get the party lit!

What has been the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in your life & how has it changed you into a better woman?

Hmmmmm biggest obstacle thing that will always be a obstacle is losing my mother at a young age.  That will always be a heart break. Another I would say is being houseless. Just bouncing from house to house and not having a steady home, and not having a penny to my name at one point in my life. That just made me so humble and a fighter. Yet, even though I went through all that, no one ever knew because I've always kept a smile and had heart. Never let them see you sweat!

Who would you like to work with in the future?

I would love to work with Dej loaf, hell yeah, that would be crazy! Oh, and Big Sean, Philthy Rich, Siya and Young M.A.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In 5 years, I'll be a Radio DJ. I’ll be a tour DJ, too. I see myself being a tour DJ in the next few months or year. I'll have my own space, my own condo. Last but not least, I'll own my own musical recreation center in 5 years.

Any shoutouts?

S/o to my right hand man DJ BIG CALI, Rexxlife, RBC, MIXTAPEMOBB, and shoutout to all of the REAL deejays across the world!

Make sure you follow her on Instagram @DJshellheart and check out her latest mix The Jet Vol 4 on SoundCloud @djshellheart as well!