The Latest Trend in Beauty: Drinkable Skincare

Could great skin be only a few sips away? Well, it is a known fact that beauty does start from within...

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The health and fitness revolution that has been in full swing for a few years now has allowed for many advancements in terms of how we treat ourselves, our environment, all the way down to the daily choices we make. Our collective mindset has changed so that we now do our best to reconnect with nature, and it seems that skincare is keeping up with the hype.

Before you imagine harmful chemical concoctions in the background of the term “drinkable skincare”, it actually seems to be a promising step in the right direction of pure nourishment in its rawest form. However, since the approach is still in its infancy, caution is in order, so let’s delve deeper into the matter and see how our future beauty routine may change as a result of introducing this new trend.

Rejuvenation - one sip at a time

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The “fake it till you make it” notion of applying layers of makeup in order to hide your fine lines and wrinkles is still a possibility, although a less desirable one. We’re headed towards a new era of beauty that celebrates your natural look and healing from within – and science is doing its best to support our endeavors. As an example, collagen drinks by Skinade and similar drinkable supplements are making their way to the very top of skincare.

Last year, Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology published a research paper that followed skin changes in ladies who were given collagen peptide drinks every day for several weeks. After only four weeks of this treatment, they’ve noticed a significant increase of collagen density, which is an essential factor in preserving skin’s elasticity and plumpness. While collagen isn’t the only ingredient that may be used in this manner, the beauty industry is becoming flooded with the idea of concentrated “shots” that contain a single powerful ingredient (or only a handful) to achieve incredible results.  

Juicy nutrition for your skin

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In the past few years, juicing for overall health has become yet another health craze praised for its potential to detox your body and nourish it with the help of rich mixtures that would otherwise be very difficult to consume. For instance, cold-pressed fruit and veggie juices have become the go-to for providing your body with all the right vitamins and minerals, as an immune system boost and a powerful weight-loss support tool.

But what may have started as a lifestyle choice for improved health seems to show beauty benefits as well – your skin loves vitamin A, and carrot juices will give you the much-needed daily dose, while oranges are brimming with vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant known to brighten and tighten your complexion. As a result, many cold-press juicers such as Kuvings are made to preserve as much nutritional value of your ingredients as possible, thus making juicing an every-day possibility for a versatile, skin-friendly diet.

Powdered beauty

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However, it’s not just sips that are taking the beauty world by storm. There’s also a surge of pill and powder-based supplements that are meant to give an additional boost to your diet, and at the same time help your skin heal from within. Even superfood-based KORA Organics and similar supplements are created for the sole purpose of giving your skin the much-needed nutrients in order to preserve its elasticity and that natural rosy glow.

The notion that our skin health is a reflection of the inner workings of our body is not a new one, but certain experts are trying to explain this link in greater detail, such as the connection between our gut health and our skin. For instance, Whitney Bowe, MD, a dermatologist from New York emphasizes the importance of a probiotic-rich diet, and points out their impact on maintaining healthy skin.

A holistic beautifying life

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Whether it’s collagen, antioxidants, minerals, or probiotics, we’ve all seen many topical products that boast an ample amount of such ingredients, promising incredible results and making the most of their natural potential. However, sticking to topical solutions can only do so much for your skin, and we’ve long known the effects of healthy nutrition on our overall well-being, skin health and beauty included.

If further studies conclude that the new “drinkable skincare” trend truly has a more profound impact on our complexion than our traditional routine, this may serve as another incentive to finally make wiser, health-oriented choices every day, guided with the promise that beauty, in fact, is so much more than skin-deep.