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So through my love for communications

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The most important part about having a dream is making it your reality, and that is exactly what this powerful woman is accomplishing. She started with a dream and a passion but instead of leaving it as a dream, she went for it. Now, she is a successful CEO of a communications firm and is an active advocate of helping the people in her community. Haniyyah Sharpe-Brown is a very determined and enthusiastic professional, and we are delighted she took the time to share her story with us.

Haniyyah, where are you from?

I was born in Silver Spring, Maryland. Raised in Philadelphia. Graduated from George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science and Temple University.

So what inspired you to start your business?

So through my love for communications (1)

Starting my business was a way for me to give back through my genuine interest in supporting individuals who are doing great things to impact the community.  I work full-time as an Executive Assistant at Comcast so some may say "you're crazy...you have a job, why add more to your plate?" In my role at my job among some of my responsibilities is that I  lead, develop and implement communication strategies for the region's Engineering organization  as well as successfully leading campaigns for our annual community investment initiatives Comcast Cares Day and United Way.  That connection to the community is important to me.  So through my love for communications and community relations, my business was born. I'm excellent at connecting people, issue and program management and advocating on behalf of individuals.

Could you tell us more about your business and any other businesses that you may have?

On Point Communications is a brand management and communications consultancy firm. We specialize in developing and implementing communication strategies and public relations services. Our focus is issue advocacy as well as strategic brand management.

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What has been your biggest accomplishment on your journey so far?

Wow! I would have to say having my family on the journey with me. I was pregnant with my son (now 7) when I started out at Temple University and pregnant with my daughter my last semester (now 2).  They pushed me. Anytime the thought of quitting entered my mind, I was reminded that --- it just wasn't an option. My husband and my family have really been my rock.  I'm thankful for the journey thus far but know it's still the beginning.


What does your ideal future hold for you?  

My ideal future...continued growth.  I'll never know it all. I'm a student to life.  I'm learning everyday to celebrate the work I've done and appreciate the process of the work that still needs to be done. No matter what I have planned, ultimately God decides. I'm honored to take His lead.

Imagine that there is at least one person reading this who is trying to be where you are (as far as starting a business and accomplishing goals). What advice would you give them?

Don't spend time worrying and wondering how you are going to get it done...get it done and always pay it forward.


How can we continue to follow your journey? (Social media, email, website, etc.?)

@onpoint24_7 - Twitter


@onpointcomms - Twitter
@onpointcommunications - Instagram
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