Health: How to Keep Your Vagina Happy & Healthy


Yep. We're going there. All the way there. It's time to talk about the little lady downstairs...

Your Vagina Wants to Be Happy, Girlfriend

There is no vagina happier than a healthy vagina. Unfortunately, some women tend to neglect that area or are just downright uneducated about how to care for it. Vaginas are delicate flowers that need attention and care. It should take priority over "beating your face" with makeup or wearing the best clothes. It should not be an area that is avoided or make you feel awkward. Seriously - it's one of the greatest blessings you could ask for. 

This post is all about getting down to the details about caring for your vag. We want to help you on your journey to a happy, pungent-free, clean, and healthy treasure box. You can thank us later.

1) Wash "Her" Regularly - But Not Too Much

Hygiene is everything. Clean around your vagina regularly to wash away any odors and bacteria. Always use hot water on the vulva (skin around the vagina). Avoid washing inside of your vagina. Not only will it cause irritation, but it can disrupt your pH balance. A healthy vagina has an acidity pH balance that falls between 3.5 and 4.5. The inside of your vagina is a self-cleanser and any interruption can throw your balance off and cause infections. Once you are finished cleansing around the vagina, thoroughly rinse the area with hot water.

Since the vagina area is very sensitive, you also want to make sure you do not over wash. Over washing can strip the area of essential oils and can also cause irritation.

2) Use a Fragrance-Free Soap

The vagina is a sensitive area. Use only fragrance-free and mild or natural soaps around on the vulva when you are washing. The scented soaps are great for the rest of your body (if you do not have sensitive skin), but definitely not for girlfriend downstairs. Treat her like a newborn baby. Dove fragrance-free soap for sensitive skin or unscented glycerin soaps are great options. 

3) Breathable Cotton Underwear

You cannot go wrong with cotton. Your vagina needs to breathe, and cotton is the perfect material for that. You will find that most panties have a cotton strip in the middle for that purpose only. Often times, the strip is not enough to keep moisture out so it is recommended to wear full cotton underwear. 

Dr. Shieva Ghofrany, OB/GYN in Stamford, Connecticut, stated in the Huffington Post “When patients say [to me], ‘But the crotch is cotton,’ my response is that the layer outside the crotch is not, thus making the cotton less breathable and thus allowing more moisture to be trapped and more possible imbalance leading to infections.”

Also, avoid wearing clothing and underwear that are too tight. It will trap the moisture, cause smells, and will surely have you itching from a yeast infection. Let her breathe free.

4) Wipe Correctly

This is vital. Always remember to wipe correctly to avoid infections and unwanted bacteria traveling in the vagina. The proper way to wipe is from front to back, fold and repeat. It is also recommended to use unscented flushable wipes when using the toilet to collect more of the bacteria off of the skin for a mini cleanse. Make sure you are completely dry down there before putting your garments back on.

5) Say No to Douche and Feminine Sprays

As appealing as these products may sound, they are kitty killers! Douching is especially dangerous for your vagina's pH balance. When using douche, you are killing good bacteria in your vagina called lactobacillus. This bacteria is the gatekeeper to your vagina and helps inhibits the growth of the bad bacterias within the vagina. When you douche, you are getting rid of this bacteria and leaving yourself open for infections and even make yourself more prone to catching STDs. 

6) After the D, Go and Pee

After sex in general (oral, vaginal, toys, fingers, grinding, and etc.) you should go and pee afterwards. The reason why this is necessary is because not only is your urine washing out any bacteria out of your urinary tract to avoid urinary tract infections, but it gives your vagina the chance to release bacteria and any sperm into the toilet that could cause infection. 

You may even want to wash down there with some water to cleanse the vulva to remove any bacteria.

7) Never Miss a Visit to The OB/GYN

The OB/GYN is your friend. It is always best practice to go to all of your annual exams and make extra visits between partners. They will be able to check on the things that may not have symptoms and will be able to educate you and guide you in healthy vaginal practices. There should be no shame in getting your vagina checked out. Rather safe than sorry.

8) Grooming is For More Than Looks

Trimming the pubs and keeping it tidy down there is actually for more reasons than just looks. It can help reduce odor. Now don't get me wrong — pubic hairs do serve a very important purpose. They provide a barrier protection over vagina to prevent abrasion and catch bacteria before it goes into your vagina. BUT without proper care, especially during your cycle, it can cause harm. The hair should always be cleaned and groomed if you decide to keep it. Pubic hairs can cause serious hygiene issues if you are not very careful about it. 

Whether you are a bush-rocking diva, or a bald-baddie— keep it clean and smelling fresh!

Food That Improve Vaginal Health

Food That Improve Vaginal Health

9) Eat a Clean and Healthy Diet

You are what you eat. Those words are bible. Whatever you feed your body is what your body will be. That goes for your vagina, too. Do your vagina a favor and eat clean. What you eat and drink affects the pH balance in your vagina, the scent, and the flavor. Here are a few foods that you should incorporate in your diet for optimum vagina benefits and balancing:

  • Greek Yogurt
  • Kimchi
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Cranberries
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Garlic
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli 
  • Bananas
  • Coconut Oil
  • Seeds and Nuts

10) Drink Plenty of Water

Water is the one of the best things you can do to keep anything on your body healthy. Drinking plenty of water balances your pH in your vagina, increases lubrication, balance your tissues, and allow secretions to flow when needed. Make water your best friend.

11) Keep Dry From Any Access Moisture

Remember: too much moisture can cause yeast and build up bacteria. Nobody wants that! Always make sure you are allowing air down there and avoiding dampness. Some people even have to carry a change of underwear when they are out, and that is okay. According to Women's Health magazine, it is even suggested to go commando sometimes. 

12) Kegels

Get it right, keep it tight. Just like it is important to work out your arms, core, legs, and etc., it is important to work out your little lady down there, too. Kegels are for more than just sexual benefits. Kegels exercises strengthen your vaginal walls and pelvic floor to help with before and after child birth, urinary incontinence, surgery, aging, and more. 

Here are 9 Life Changing Kegel Exercises you should try. 

13) Say No to Scented Products

Once again... avoid scented things down there. This time we're referring to lotions, perfumes, body sprays, and etc. Avoid it. They do not belong on your vagina. If you want it to smell fragrancy down there, take a little perfume on your finger and rub it on your upper thighs and above your vulva. You can also dab just a little perfume from your finger on the outside of your panties. Just make sure it is far away from your actual vagina because it will cause infections and irritations. 

14) Always Protect Yourself

Say yes to condoms. Always protect yourself in the bedroom (car, bathroom stall, however you down) at all times. Your vagina is sacred and it is never worth being damaged for a few minutes of pleasure. This goes for oral, too. You would be surprised how much bacteria can be transferred by the mouth. Take care of yourself and use as much protection as possible, and always get tested.


Cheers to a healthy and happy vagina!!