How To Take Charge of Your Depression


Depression sometimes feel like a severe storm that just swept over your whole entire life. It is complete darkness, clouds, and a lot of rain. The depression storm could come and go or it could be as though it is never ending. The light of happiness peaking behind the clouds also seem as though it is getting dimmer each second. Depression is real and it affects a lot of us. According to The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, depression affects approximately 14.8 million adults in the United States.

I was once a victim of depression. I remember it feeling like there was no hope. I did not want to be around people, including close friends and family, or even do the things that I once loved. I just wanted to stay in what I thought was my "sorry little world" and let time pass. The day I decided that I was bigger than this monster was the day I set myself free.

You have to take charge of your depression and take your life back. Understand that depression is a mood and a mindset that is smaller than your whole being, so why let it control your whole life? As long as we have breath in our lungs, we should be feeding our mind, body, and soul with things that will uplift us and make us happy. It may seem impossible at first, but it can be done. You have the strength. Just believe in yourself.

Here are some ways you can take charge of your depression:


When you're depressed, everything tend to be on the negative side. It is always about what you can't do, what you are not, what they are not, what is not happening, who is not there, what you don't have, and etc. Try to find a positive for every negative situation that is going on.

Example: Negative---"I do not have any money or any family to depend on." Positive--- "Although I am in a tough financial situation right now, I am still alive which gives me another opportunity to fix my situation. I am thankful for that. My family may not be around but there are people who I could bond with and they can be as close as family."


Life is not all sour. There is always at least one good thing going on in your life. Shine light on it, make it big, and be thankful. If it is only one thing, make that one thing a big thing. Let it overshadow what you are depressed about.


I have children, I have friends, I have a job, I have clean water to drink, I am breathing on my own, I can operate my limbs, I have access to food, I have a dollar, I can see, I can smell, and etc.


I do understand not everyone is a believer but I am and I know prayer works. God will see you through any situation, lean on him.


You know that light of happiness behind the clouds that keeps getting dimmer? Did you know you have the power to make it shine brighter and push your storm out of the way? Surround yourself with happiness. At first you may not feel like being around anyone, but it could be the best thing for you. Accept the next invitation to go out somewhere. Call a loved one on the phone. Watch a funny movie with a friend. Read something funny. Go look at fresh flowers. Make yourself look good (new hairstyle, new make up, new clothes). Clean the house and make it smell good.


Your physical state can have a huge part in your mood. Make it a priority to get active and start feeding your body with healthy and nutritional meals. Exercising and eating healthy are huge mood boosters. You will start to feel amazing inside and out.


You have to let it out. If you keep all of your steam bottled up inside, you are bound to explode. Talk about your problems and what has you so depressed.  I suggest seeking a professional or a trusted loved one who will not judge or put you down. Do not be hesitant to get it out of your system.

Depression is a serious issue and if you find that you just cannot take charge by yourself, then seek professional help. Utilize all of these wonderful resources out here to help you get back on your road of happiness. The storm does not have to last forever.

If this post helped you or if you think that it could help someone you may know, please share. Let's all take a part in trying to decrease the number of those affected by depression.