How To Transition Your Summer Wardrobe Into Fall

How To Transition Your Summer Wardrobe Into Fall

Hey there loves! If you know me, then you know I am always looking for ways to stretch out my wardrobe and create new looks with what I already have. If I could save a few bucks then I am on it... and FAST. Recently, I have been web surfing through stores and filling up my cart with very cute fall essentials. I figured this year I will be smart and not buy the whole freaking store, but find ways to make things stretch and get more wear out of seasonal items. Long story short --- my husband started getting all concerned about his bank account balance and almost gave me a money management speech when he started seeing me wear all of these new outfits. To his surprise, I just mixed the new with the old and TA-DA, a beautiful fall outfit.

So before you fold those summer clothes up until next year, check out some of these ways you get more wear out of your clothes.

Layer With Outerwear

In my world, tank tops are worn pretty much the whole year. It does get cold where I am at, but with a little layering and outerwear it works out. Keep those cute cotton graphic tanks and tees out and just put on a denim jacket or blazer. The chiffon tanks will work out well under cardigans and blazers, as well. Tanks and tees transitions well into the fall season. Layering is key! Let's not forget about those cute short hem and flowy dresses. Those are perfect under a jacket!

Short Dresses + Boots

I have been wearing all of my short summer dresses under jackets with my thigh high or knee high boots. Did I mention I am absolutely OBSESSED with over-the-knee socks and ankle boots?! They are the cutest with my dresses or skirts from the summer. For the cooler days, I just throw on a scarf. This look is great for the office or just hanging out. I love the versatility of shorter dresses and skirts. 

Stretch Out Sandal Season

Don't say bye just yet sandals. Depending upon the weather, it is okay to add some longevity to those cute sandals. You can definitely keep the sandals in rotation for a little while longer. My rule for sandals in the fall is that if I wear them, everything else should be covered. Example: Long sleeve top, pants, and sandals. I do not want to look too "summery" unless the weather permits it.   

Adding fall accessories with summer clothing can make a huge difference in how many outfits and looks you will have this season. The main things to think about when transitioning summer clothing into fall is will it pair well with outerwear, will it look right with boots, and will it wear well with a scarf. Make ripped jeans fall ready by putting tights on underneath. Cropped boyfriend jeans are not just for warm weather either. Try them with ankle boots.


Well, I hope these tips were helpful! If you have any to add to this list fashionistas, feel free to comment below! We love to hear from you! 

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Love you beautiful!

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-Erica S.