Instagram Hair Gawds: You're Guaranteed to Have A #HairCrush

Out of all of the many benefits of Instagram, being able to scroll through thousands of photos of fabulous hair whenever you please HAS to be its best benefit yet. Yes, I will admit in a heartbeat that I could spend hours crushing on these Instagram #hairgawds. From messy beach waves, vibrant neon shades, all the way to the most amazing kinky fros I've ever seen - I'm freaking DROOLING! If you're ever in the need of hair inspiration, just log on to Instagram and search the hashtags #haircrush, #curlyhairrocks,#unicornhair, #fairyhair, #mermaidhair, #naturalhairrocks, #goddesshair and the list goes on!

I wanted to share with you some of the Instagram #hairgawds that have been catching my eye this week.

You are guaranteed to have a hair crush! 

Go follow these hair beauties and don't get any drool on the floor!