How to Keep an Instagram-Ready Face


Whether it’s the dark circles under your eyes or the red blotchiness and blackheads on your nose, an Instagram selfie is bound to reveal it all. In December, when you took those New Year’s photos, everything was buried well below a thick layer of foundation, but who can stand it this early in the fall season? Yes, tinted moisturizers do sound like a good solution, yet many are those who crave for a little bit more coverage. 

To ensure breathable, smooth and silky skin, opt for a more air-whipped crèmes that dry matte and leave a powdery finish. Additionally, read the product label to find the one that will hydrate your skin and prevent your face from getting all greasy and shiny. Primer is a must, and one of the most popular ones this season is from Napoleon Perdis’ line of makeup. It enhances your skin’s elasticity and retains moisture, giving your face the ultimate glow.

The Strobing Effect

The strobing technique promises to give your face a flawless finished and cheekbones to die for. Highlighters and natural light are all strobing relies on when perfectly defining your face. Say goodbye to using multiple products and embrace this new trend that will not leave you with matte finish, but rather a shimmery effect.

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 12.49.44 PM.png

Which shade of highlighter you will use depends on your natural skin tone. If you have a fair to medium tone, go for a somewhat champagne color. On the other hand, if you would describe yourself as having a darker complexion, golds and deeper bronzed shades are definitely a better choice.

Eyebrows in Place

There are many girls who take advantage of experimenting and (eventually) learning how to achieve those perfectly bushy Cara eyebrows. As soon as the sun comes up and the first drop of sweat comes rolling down our foreheads, what do we do? Panic of course! Just kidding – there’s actually quite an easy solution to make your brows sweat-proof. 


First of all, use a waterproof pencil, marker or gel to shape them. Once you’ve got the color firmly in place, put on one layer of waterproof mascara to serve as a barrier between your filled eyebrows and water or sweat.


Finally, if you’re looking to spend time taking photos at various festivals and events, ensure that you leave a lasting impression. If you’re a fan of the color, don’t be afraid to show it on your eyes. Bold eyeshadows are not solely for spring and summer. Try sweeping a shimmery mimosa shade all over the eyelid and defining the inner corner of the eyes with a pastel blue liner. After you smudge it with a precision blender brush, intensify the hue with a dark blue shadow. Finally, use a diamond brown liner for the outer corners and set it with a brown shadow. 


On the other hand, if you’re trying to achieve the hippy, boho look, apply some purple on your eyelids. Then, put a layer of orchid shadow and add a bit of cherry color to create a smokey effect. To add extra definition, line your upper and lower lash line with dark purple liner and smudge it with color-matching shade. Whichever look you opt for in the end, don’t forget to top your lashes with a couple of coats of dark, rich mascara.

Whether you’re looking to achieve au naturel look or you wish to leave everyone speechless with your unique makeup style, you’ll benefit from this one final tip: No makeup look is complete without at least one spritz of finishing spray which is bound to keep everything in its place while you take selfies.


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