Interior Design Tips for the Ultimate Fashion-Lover

Interior Design Tips

Interior Design Tips

Fashion is something that requires a deep thought process. Putting an outfit together is almost an experience by itself. However, even the bravest and boldest fashion-lover can be quite challenged when it comes to decorating their homes. Expressing your personal style through your clothes is different from expressing it in every room in your house. But there are clues to help you decorate your home and they are right inside your very own closet. Learning to assess and determine the style concepts that you are most comfortable with will help you decorate your home appropriately.

Material and Color

Choosing the type of materials and color palette to use in your home can be mind-boggling. This is one of the best reasons to start combing through your closet. Take note of your shoes, jewelry, dresses, or even scarves. It should give you a clue if you are more into modern or vintage materials, dark or lighter shades, and the likes. If something makes you feel good when you wear it, then it should definitely make you feel the same way living around it.


When you look at your closet, do you see more geometric patterns or soft floral prints? These would also be a good inspiration for interior design. If you are into prints, it is important to apply the same rule in fashion: balance. It means you have to put prints in moderation and in the right spot so as to encourage a sense of harmony. If you love floral, cover one wall of a room in that pattern and leave the rest of the walls in a single but complementary shade. If you want something more subtle, frame a specific pattern and hang it on one wall of a room.



More often than not, fashion-savvy people are more likely to want to wear something that is functional enough for what they do. The same concept must be applied in your home. Take for example your floor. If you want to apply an interior concrete stain that expresses your own personal style, make sure it is functional enough to accommodate your daily routine. This can be difficult to determine so it is highly recommended to consult concrete resurfacing contractors to help you make a decision. For furniture, just because it screams “fashion” does not mean it would be comfortable enough for your home. If you can’t find something that matches your style, choose the next best thing. If you find a black and white couch made of metal and aluminum, it may be something you would wear but not something you would want to sit on. Go for the closest option, like maybe a dark grey cushioned couch then accent it with white or black pillows.


Fashion-lovers would splurge on clothing simply because it is made by a reliable designer or company. One of the things you are paying for is quality. But never, ever think that anything that looks complicated is more expensive or durable than a simple piece. Less is still more. If you want your home to look timeless, choose timeless pieces to decorate it with. You should not be pressured to design your home and create a complete look immediately. Just like your wardrobe, it takes one piece at a time to build it.

What are your top interior design tips?