It's All About The Brows: Benefit Cosmetics New Eyebrow Collection

If you were on Instagram and Snapchat this weekend, I am sure you are aware that something fabulous occurred in Vegas. Benefit Cosmetics hosted a surprise soft launch of their new brow collection and invited some of our favorite YouTubers and Instagrammers to join them in the festivities. The celebration was very necessary because brows are everything and the demand for brow products is shooting through the roof. Seriously... brows are everything.

Benefit Cosmetics caused a lot of internet buzz with #BenefitBrows this weekend over this reveal. It was only right that we took a peak at the new collection. This collection contains everything that you would ever need to achieve the perfect tamed brow. These products are definitely made for all --- brow newbies and the pros and every natural brow shade in between. B.C. are leaving no room for untamed, thin, and/or patchy brows this summer. You can expect to find new brow gels and high brow glow pencils, as well as their revamped award winning goodies such as the brow zings eyebrow shaping kit.

Save your coins, ladies. The new collection is expected to release on June 24th and I am sure the whole kit is going to be worth it. Here is a peek at some of the products expected to be released next month.