Kailijumei Cosmetics Are Breaking The Internet With These Adorable Beauty and The Beast Flower Lipsticks

Via Instagram @Kailijumei 

Via Instagram @Kailijumei 

If you're anything like me, then I am sure you almost squealed when you took a look at that photo. These beautiful flower jelly lipsticks in their chic, vanity approved gold cases have been heavily buzzing around the internet lately. Thanks to Kailijumei Cosmetics, I can say our minds are officially blown. Just when you thought cosmetics couldn't get any prettier, right?

These lipsticks are made of a jelly-like formula with a that leaves a beautiful sheer layer of color on your lips. The shades range from red, hot pink, orangy-yellow, and a light powdery pink. The rose inside matches the sheer shade that will show on your lips, and the gold specs are added for an "enchanting" excitement. Almost too pretty to use.

Great news—these flower lipsticks are only selling for $30 USD. Not so great news—they are sold out and only available for pre-order. Figures, I mean look at them.

So even if sheer lipsticks aren't really your thing, I think these deserve a spot on your vanity and in your flat lays. It's like a Beauty and The Beast fan's dream come true!


*Although these have Beauty and the Beast enchanted rose written all over them, they are not associated with Disney.